Top Reasons Buildings Fail Fire Safety Inspections

Jun 5, 2019 | Fire Systems Inspections

Failing a fire safety inspection can be devastating for a business. Violations can result in fines and citations that are expensive to pay off. If word gets out about a failed fire safety inspection, public opinion about a business can fall dramatically, and the business can suffer as a result. Worst of all, failing a fire safety inspection is a failure to keep your employees out of harm’s way.

While a failed fire safety inspection can have long-lasting effects, the good news is that many of the causes of a failed inspection can be easily prevented with the right fire protection services. Perhaps the best way to stay ahead of a failed fire safety inspection is to have a basic understanding of the fire hazards that constitute a violation. Below are the top reasons why commercial buildings fail their fire safety inspections:

Obstructed Exits

In the event of a fire, it is crucial that individuals located inside the building have a clear and direct way to exit a building. This means evacuation routes must be free from any obstructions, including furniture, boxes, equipment and other objects. Commercial buildings are often cited for failing to keep hallways and stairways open and easy to maneuver or for failing to ensure that emergency exit doors are easy to open. Encouraging employees to remove clutter and find a suitable home for all objects within a building, as well as regularly checking the accessibility of exits and fire routes, can help prevent these sorts of fire safety violations.  For an expert inspection and more fire protection services, contact Marco Protection Systems, LLC.  

Malfunctioning Emergency Signals


We are all extremely familiar with the bright red “EXIT” signs located in commercial buildings throughout the country. However, it might surprise you to learn that there are several rules regulating those emergency signals. Failing to meet these requirements is another common reason that buildings fail their safety inspections. During a fire safety inspection, officials check that the emergency lights and signals are properly illuminated, placed in the correct locations throughout the building and are completely unobstructed. If you notice a faulty emergency signal in your commercial building, you’ll want to make repairing it a priority before it results in a failed fire safety inspection. Marco Protection Systems, LLC can help repair these signals and assist in all fire protection services to ensure a positive result on your fire inspection.


Malfunctioning Fire Protection Equipment

Maintaining fire protection equipment can be one of the most challenging aspects of complying with fire safety standards because the equipment used for fire suppression is complex and there are dozens of rules that regulate their maintenance. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for buildings to go for months or even years without triggering the fire safety equipment.  As a result, the equipment can deteriorate without building managers being aware that it isn’t functioning as it should. For these reasons, buildings are often cited for having malfunctioning sprinklers, extinguishers or alarms on their premises, which is extremely unfortunate since this equipment is often the first line of defense in the event of a fire.

Avoiding these types of violations requires building managers to take affirmative steps to remind themselves to regularly test the fire safety equipment and make sure that it is operating effectively. Marco Protection Systems, LLC is an expert in installing and maintaining fire protection equipment.  Routine maintenance and functionality tests are part of Marco’s fire protection services.  

Fire Protection Services Have Not Been Performed

Like the types of violations discussed in the previous section, many buildings also fail their fire safety inspections for failing to perform the necessary maintenance work and fire protection services for equipment. Not only is it a violation to have malfunctioning equipment on a building’s premises, but it is also a violation for failing to keep suitable records demonstrating that the equipment has been properly serviced or inspected. In other words, if a fire safety inspector discovers that the fire suppression equipment has not been serviced according to code and finds that the equipment does not work properly, that can result in more than one fine.

By keeping your eye out for the issues discussed above, you can play a proactive role in ensuring that your building is meeting fire safety standards. Checking on these factors regularly allows building owners to stay on top of fire safety equipment maintenance before it becomes unmanageable. For all your fire protection services seek help from a professional before a fire safety inspection occurs. If you have questions about the ability of your building to pass a fire safety inspection or are in need of fire protection services or equipment, contact Marco Protection Systems, LLC today.


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