Protecting Data Centers & Critical Infrastructure

May 2, 2024 | Security

When you’re the owner or IT manager of a business, one of your responsibilities is to protect your company’s data centers and infrastructure. Protecting your company’s physical structure is essential, and you need suitable security systems to secure it. Your technological system must be protected against cybercriminals.

Security and Access Options

Some standard methods of cybersecurity can include strong firewalls and intrusion protection systems. Many businesses don’t realize that firewalls can be customized to prevent access to some data areas from all outside traffic but allow access by some companies to enter less sensitive areas. Two-factor identification can also be a valuable tool to confirm authorized entrance to the most sensitive areas. These ID systems will be a crucial way to screen for required identification.

Customized Door Access

When you require door access protection for your building, you need foolproof access hardware. An encrypted entrance port on your doorway can assure you of the highest security. One example might be a biometric reader (requiring fingerprints or a retina scan.) An experienced security provider is a valuable path to achieving those goals.

Audio Delivery Options

Companies needing flawless audio delivery (such as theaters, schools, or concert venues require a system that delivers precise voice reproduction. The sound needs to be consistently delivered at every location of the room. Some businesses rely on an intercom or public address system, and the delivery of those systems can be customized. The same systems must also be protected from cybercriminals.

Video Conferencing and Cloud Data

If you have multiple offices, you will want a secure data cloud to store information from all the offices. Video conferencing must be clear, accessible, and reliable. Within the office, you may find the need to monitor your employees. Intercompany video conferencing must be clear, and it must also be protected.

Safety and Communication

Your company’s safety will also require systems that detect any physical threat to the system. Most states have fire detection and extinguisher laws, so those systems are needed. In addition, you might choose to have sensors installed to initiate the response of your sprinkler system.
These systems can be set up with automatic self-testing features.

Business Security Options

Your communications systems and buildings must be protected, and having a partner in those twin quests can be invaluable. You need a secure and reliable AV system for your meeting room, as well as an attentive security system to prevent break-ins. If you’re trying to find a company that will deliver the best business security systems in Allentown, PA, we encourage you to contact us at Keystone Fire and Security. We pride ourselves on our expertise in venue sizes, from meeting rooms to stadiums.

Responsive Customer Services

At Keystone Fire and Security, we offer video and audio security systems for Lehigh Valley businesses. We believe in providing skilled professional service and backing it up with attentive customer service. Our installations are backed up with 24/7 customer response in the case of an emergency. We want to be the cost-effective solution to your company’s security and communication needs.

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Your security system should readily provide alarm services and precise and reliable public address systems or room automation to customize the volume and clarity of the audio features in your office. We believe in combining our years of experience and exemplary customer service to provide the protection your business needs. If you’re looking for access control specialists in Allentown, PA, Keystone Fire and Security can bring you what you want. We strive to make you feel secure about your security system.


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