How Surveillance Can Keep Your Construction Site Crime Free

Jul 6, 2020 | News, Solutions

security camera installation in Allentown, PA
Construction is an incredibly important field, but unfortunately, construction sites are prone to theft, trespassing, and vandalism. The equipment and materials used on construction sites are very expensive and some can easily be stolen, like tools and copper wiring. Stolen construction equipment is rarely recovered. Vandalism leads to costly downtime. Something as simple as broken windows that were just installed can be a hassle to reorder and replace, pushing back your project deadlines. Additionally, trespassers pose a danger to the site and to themselves. They could easily get hurt and try to sue. For the safety of your construction site and the surrounding area (like other businesses or neighborhoods), it is crucial that you keep your construction site crime-free. Keystone Fire and Security specializes in security camera installation in Allentown, PA and other surrounding areas. Surveillance is one of the most effective ways to prevent and catch construction site crime.

Deter Unauthorized Entry

Construction site surveillance cameras prevent burglars or trespassers from entering your site by deterring them. If a person sees plenty of security cameras overlooking the whole site or the signs indicating that there is surveillance, they are less likely to trespass for fear of getting caught. Often, just having a video surveillance system in place is enough to keep unauthorized people out of the construction site.

Catch Thieves and Trespassers

Many times, when someone enters or steals from your construction site, they get away without being caught. In the event that someone still decides to enter the construction site without permission, the video surveillance system will help you catch them. Your system can alert to a trespasser in real time so you can quickly notify authorities to apprehend the suspect, and you can use the recorded high definition video footage to turn over to police should a criminal investigation become necessary.

Real-Time Analysis

The best way to prevent crime on your construction site is with real-time surveillance intelligence. With this strategy, a person is actively monitoring your video security systems and verifying in real-time. Instead of waiting for a burglar to escape, proactive threat deterrence will immediately sound alarms and either scare the person off before they can steal or get hurt or increase the chances that you catch them before they leave.

Prevent Construction Crime with Keystone Fire and Security Video Surveillance

As one of the top security companies in PA, Keystone Fire and Security has custom security solutions you can count on. We will help you keep your construction site crime-free with a comprehensive video surveillance solution, integrating security cameras and alarm systems for proactive threat deterrence. Plus, we can add additional security features like intrusion and perimeter detection to your current security infrastructure for maximum security. To learn more about how we will help you prevent crime on your construction site, contact us today at  610-439-1600 or [email protected].

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