How Access Control Systems Save Businesses Time And Money

Mar 17, 2021 | News

If you do not have intrusion detection systems in Bucks County, PA then you should at least consider installing an access control system to protect your business. While intrusion detection systems use devices to sense and alert to suspicious individuals or activities on your business premises, access control helps secure points of entry and exit, as well as sensitive areas within the building. The initial investment for robust access control systems can seem expensive, but the return on investment is significant. 

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

Many businesses and schools have problems with unwanted visitors during and after hours. You can keep unwanted visitors out if you call access control specialists in Bucks County to help you. They will install devices like card readers at points of entry that require each person to swipe an identification badge, readers that require a unique PIN, or biometric readers that scan fingerprints to permit entry. These devices are linked to an access control system that contains a database of approved individuals who may enter the building and can be customized with permissions during specified hours or locations within the building. Additionally, the system will record instances of access so you can see who entered, where, and when. 

Increase Ease of Access for Employees

The purpose of access control systems is to keep unauthorized people out. However, it will be easier for the people who are supposed to be in the building to get in. All it takes is a PIN or the scan of a card to get in. You will be able to get rid of traditional keys, which people frequently lose and end up in the wrong hands, saving you money and increasing security.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Everyone has a right to feel safe while they are working. You will be able to create a safe work environment by having an access control system. Not only do access control systems keep people who shouldn’t be there out, but they can also unlock all doors for a quick and safe exit in a fire emergency or, oppositely, lock all doors and secure the building should there be an intruder on campus or a need to shelter in place. 

Comply With Industry Standards

There are many safety standards that you will have to meet to comply with industry regulations. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry then you have to keep a patient’s health information private. If you work in the business world then you will have to keep a customer’s financial information private. Access control helps secure data and server rooms where this information is stored. 
Overall, access control systems help improve daily operations. It can be as simple as making building access easier for employees, allowing them to start work early, stay late, or come in on weekends. Access control improves safety around the clock for a variety of business types and can be customized to fit your operational needs and budget. Ask us to design a unique solution for you: [email protected] or 610-439-1600.


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