CSI: A special place for an internship

Mar 14, 2013 | News

As an intern, you are given the opportunity to have a “behind the scenes” perspective of the business you are working for. As a CSI intern, I was excited for this opportunity more than anything.

CSI treated me like one of their full-time employees from the first day I started working for them. This helped make my transition from a college student to an intern much smoother, allowing me to easily contribute my talents to CSI.

While working for CSI I have experienced a close-knit feeling among the staff that works here. Everyone is polite and respects each other’s opinion, which has helped facilitate my contributions to CSI. I’ve only been working with CSI for a short time but I’ve already learned that to be a successful small/medium business you need to have a clear, positive culture with great management.

It’s safe to say that CSI has both.

– Darnell Davis


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