Biometric Door Security Features

Sep 24, 2020 | News, Solutions

Security is a crucial factor for most business owners. Today, the use of a biometric door system is common. At Communication Systems Integrators, LLC, we understand how important your business’s security is, so we provide you with custom security options for your property. We are known experts in business security systems in Easton Pa and the choice vendor for your door monitoring system in Allentown Pa. Here are some great biometrics security features to consider for your doors:

1. Safety

Safety is the primary goal when installing a biometric door system. These systems are much more sophisticated than your average lock and key doors, as they use biometrics like RFID card readers, access codes, or PINs. More advanced readers are capable of scanning fingerprints and facial patterns to grant access.

The biometric door system you purchase should work together with other company security systems like your public address and intercom system to alert building occupants of a potential threat, your video surveillance system to activate cameras and verify the individual trying to enter, etc. The system should also integrate with your access control system and/or employee records to accurately grant or deny access permissions, thus keeping your building occupants safe from intruders.

2. Biometric reader

A biometric reader gathers all the person’s information. Every biometric reader is unique to the biometric door system. The best biometric reader takes seconds to collect data on an individual and match it to your stored access control records.

3. Biometric template

After placing your finger on the biometric reader, the data used to get the information is called a biometric template. Readers are not limited to fingerprint scanning; they can also collect information from your eye or hand. Images aren’t part of biometric templates, so things like facial patterns and body motion could require different biometric recognition software.

4. Matching feature

The matching feature is an important one for any biometric system. It collects and compares stored data to determine whether the individual is among those allowed to physically access a company. The system populates possible matches, and the results determine if the person can access a building. 

5. Reporting

The entire process of determining if access is granted or denied takes a few seconds, depending on the biometric system. It is important to choose a system that allows those responsible for security to access security reports. With access, they receive alerts whenever there is an unauthorized access attempt. 

Readers that rely on fingerprint access require special software to match prints, whereas those using facial recognition make use of existing access control systems integrated with employee records. Facial recognition is often deemed the best option since it uses minimal reporting time; however, adequate lighting is needed for an accurate facial scan.

Final Thoughts

Investing in your business means investing in physical security, too. The safety of your employees and visitors is paramount.

While there are many commercial security systems to choose from, an easy way to get started making your building more secure is with access control and biometric door systems. For affordable and efficient security, biometric door systems provide accurate gatekeeping with live notifications and threat alerts. 

It is important to install a security solution custom to your business to ensure you are getting the most protection for your investment. The experts at Keystone Fire and Security can help. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with your personal Life Safety Advisor. 


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