5 Ways to Keep Your Video Surveillance Footage Safe and Secure

Mar 17, 2021 | News

Video footage is a crucial element of your security system. It helps you track and record any happenings on your business premises. It is important for this footage to be kept safe and secure, especially if it documents proprietary information or manufacturing processes, for example. Below are tips to help you safeguard the footage.

Keep the Surveillance Safe from Hackers

Today, hackers continue to devise creative ways to hack security systems. If your system gets hacked, it can lead to data breaches and high losses for your business. Ensure you secure your surveillance from hackers by changing the system passwords and usernames often. It could be once every three months, but more frequently is recommended. Additionally, choose a password that is complex with a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 

Also, avoid connecting security cameras to a public network because online hackers can quickly access your data through shared networks. Choose encrypted cameras to disguise the data sent online, making it difficult for scammers to identify sensitive information.

Install Cameras in Strategic Places

When installing cameras, ensure you place them strategically to help you quickly identify any problems within your business premises. Placing them high up in areas of high traffic with an unobstructed view is key. There are different types of cameras that allow 360-degree views and others that, when used together, eliminate blind spots around interior or exterior corners.

You can hire a security systems Chester County, PA professional to help you optimally place the cameras to capture high-quality video footage. An expert can also recommend types of cameras your business will benefit from like cameras that excel in low-lighting, low or high temperatures, cameras with thermal imaging, or ones that can zoom in far distances while maintaining high definition quality. 

Use Cloud Storage for the Video Footage

Technology continues to make things better for the security industry. You can now store your footage in the cloud solutions if you want it to stay safe. It is not easy for hackers to access cloud storage because it comes with an additional security layer. Plus, it saves you from the hassle of physical data storage, which is great for businesses without space for large server rooms. In this way, it is also much more cost effective and easier to manage.

Update Camera Features

There are various layers of security. If you want advanced security, consider adding advanced features to your camera. Such features include high camera resolution, remote access to help you sync videos to your mobile app, cameras that support both day and night capabilities, and artificial intelligence-powered cameras. Installing regular software updates to your video surveillance system and hardware updates to your surveillance devices (cameras) helps protect your system from bugs and improves overall impenetrability. 

Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Breach

Before you install a security system, you should understand the laws governing videos and audio recording. This will help you avoid invading other people’s privacy, especially in the bathrooms, hotel rooms, and dressing rooms.

If you break any state laws concerning invading people’s privacy, your business can be at high risk, and you can be sued for a surveillance legal breach.

The Bottom Line

Your business is a great investment, and you want to do everything possible to ensure it is safe from hackers. Using the tips above can help you keep your footage safe and secure so that you can quickly review any activities within your premises with ease and take the necessary steps.

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