5 Best Spots to Place Security Cameras Around Your Business

Feb 26, 2021 | News

Security cameras should be part of every business’s overall security plan; moreover, a robust video surveillance system enhances safety for customers and employees alike. The cameras can be used to monitor employee productivity or even assist in process control and quality assurance in manufacturing facilities. Video surveillance systems also help retail stores prevent theft or shoplifting. High-quality cameras are capable of identifying suspects during an overnight burglary or monitoring company property after business hours when no one is on site. 

As useful as security cameras can be, installing them in the right places is key to get the best security solution for your investment. There are five prime locations to install security cameras in your business.

1.Front Entrance and Exits

First and foremost, businesses should have cameras situated at the building entrance and exit. If you can install only a few cameras, these locations are most important to monitor every customer or visitor coming and going. Your video surveillance software can help track how long they stayed on your business premises. In case of a crime, you will have a record of everyone in the building during the time in question, and the high resolution can help narrow down a suspect list; this provides key evidence in an investigation.


In most businesses, customers tend to flock to the reception desk or waiting area, especially when it is the first place for them to learn more information or check-in. So many people in one area create a conducive environment for safety hazards or security risks. Business owners should install a security camera at the reception to deter theft or other criminal behavior, as well as provide an extra set of “eyes” on the area to help protect staff.


In many cases, storefronts are the center of attraction to outside criminals. There is plenty of surveillance footage showing an individual entering a store and demanding cash at the register. But the stockroom or storage areas should also be monitored. Installing a security camera there will help track the movement of products, which aids loss prevention, and it monitors safety hazards or unsafe behavior. If, for instance, a ladder is being improperly used and an employee falls, there will be a record of the incident for insurance purposes. 

4.Cash Drawer or Safes

A business owner or manager cannot possibly keep their eye on the money at all times, so installing a security camera so it has a clear view of the cash drawer or safe helps ensure those handling cash are counting correctly. It also helps deter instances of employees pocketing money, leaving the business with a short drawer at close. Additionally, if there is a break-in, the cashpoint is often a targeted area. Capturing the suspect on camera will help investigators catch the criminal and recoup loss. 

5. Building and Property Perimeter

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees, customers, and their vehicles are safe while at your business premises. Installing security cameras around the parking area and building’s perimeters will help curb break-ins and vandalism, thus increasing your employees’ and customers’ safety. After business hours, cameras on the property help deter theft and vandalism; studies show people are less likely to vandalize or trespass if they know they are being watched or will be identified.

Therefore, it is crucial for every business, small or well established, to consider installing security cameras. The cameras play an important role in making your business a safe place to work, which improves overall operations. Pairing security cameras with a reliable video surveillance system allows you to monitor your business remotely, analyze your footage to see where improvements can be made and gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll never miss a thing. 

Some business owners tend to think their companies are immune to security breaches and robberies until it happens to them. If you live in Pennsylvania, you can contact Keystone Fire and Security for security camera installation in Delaware County, PA and surrounding areas. We’re headquartered in the Lehigh Valley but serve the Delaware Valley and parts of New Jersey, as well. Our Security Systems in Chester County, PA can be customized to fit your business and budget. 


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