38 Million Gallons of Water Flushed: This did not need to happen! Here’s how.

Apr 18, 2014 | News


Recently Portland Oregon flushed 38 million gallons of water after a 19 year old male was video taped urinating into the reservoir. This did not need to happen. Even ignoring the fact that one average size human bladder cannot produce enough urine to affect a reservoir of this size—the parts per million needed simply aren’t there. I mean seriously, if they see a moose (do they have moose in Portland?)—who would have a much larger bladder—urinating in the reservoir would they flush it yet again? But I digress….

Keystone Fire and Security has technology that could have prevented not only the waste of water, but the public urination. The technology is called VideoIQ. The system is self monitoring so there is no need to have security personnel sitting idly staring at screens until something happens. It is also proactive so you are not reacting after the fact as they did in Portland.

Here’s how it works: using VideoIQ you can remotely monitor your location, be it a reservoir or a corporate building, school, etc. If VideoIQ had been in place in Portland, even before the “event” occurred it would have been automatically picked up. As soon as the young gentlemen had stepped onto the property, VideoIQ would have automatically notified the appropriate personnel for response.

VideoIQ gives you the ability to actively monitor your facility without wasting resources, whether that be people hours or 38 million gallons of water!

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