Board Room AV System – Salisbury Township Board Room

Jul 29, 2015 | Case Studies

A Case Study

Salisbury, PA

Salisbury Township Board Room

Salisbury Township (or Salzburg as it was originally called) was created in 1753. Twenty-three years before the Declaration of Independence was signed and in the same year the Liberty Bell was created. In its day, Salisbury included Fountain Hill, Emmaus from Keystone Street east and all of Allentown south of the Little Lehigh Creek.

The Challenge

Jumping ahead 262 years the Salisbury Township Board Room was at best a bit dated. At worst the microphones did not work and there was no way to publicly display video or slideshows. While this wouldn’t have been a problem in 1753 it is almost impossible to conduct the business of running a township without these important communication tools in 2015. The township needed to update it’s board room so that everyone attending and participating in the meetings would be able to hear, be heard and see anything being presented. The Township was concerned about implementing new technology that would help facilitate their proceedings, but would be easy to set up and use. Reliability was another concern so that they wouldn’t be frustrated during the meeting by having to grapple with technology. Additionally the Township Board wanted to be able to record the meetings and post them online.

The CSi Solution

Salisbury choose to contact CSi to help bring the board room into the 21st century.

Discussion Center Township Board RoomThe solution provided to the Township by CSi, was comprised of a discussion system made specifically for these applications and a AV presentation system to create a system that easily provided a way to audibly and visually communicate with board members, attendees and guest presenters. The main component was a Bosch CSS Ultro Discussion System with built-in MP3 recording that allowed connection of up to 150 delegate stations. A Chairman Station, 14 Delegate Stations and one podium microphone were used to provide personal monitoring and pick up of each member of council. An auxiliary amplifier provided audio to existing speakers for the audience. The video system proposed consisted of two large screen (80” and 60”) HDTVs, an Apple TV and an easy-to use video source switcher and distribution amplifier. This allowed the Township to easily present from a dedicated computer at the dais or wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone or Apple OS device.  Set up for the meetings was simple and fast, allowing staff to focus on the meeting at hand instead of the technology required to facilitate it.

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