Fire Alarm Systems in Wilmington, DE

Fire safety is a serious business, especially if you own or operate a commercial property. That’s where Keystone Fire and Security can help. Located in Wilmington, Delaware, our company specializes in providing top-notch fire protection solutions for businesses across multiple industries. No matter what industry your business falls under, whether manufacturing or education, you can count on us to keep things safe from fires with an Ansul system and comprehensive inspections!

When it comes to protecting your business, there are two main types of products we offer: fire alarm systems and sprinklers (also known as Ansul systems). Each has its unique advantages, but they both serve one purpose: to prevent fires from causing major damage. Whether you need sprinkler repair or fire alarm testing, we can help you with each aspect of your sprinkler system.

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From Sprinkler Installation to Ansul Systems, We Have You Covered

Our sprinkler installations are designed to detect any potential fires early on before they escalate. Once triggered by smoke or heat, these systems activate water sprayers throughout your building to control the flames until the firefighters arrive. This system works effectively for slow-burning fires, which means fewer damages overall. Invest in regular fire alarm testing to ensure your fire suppression system and sprinkler system work as they should.

Our Ansul system helps to tackle blazes caused by harmful liquids or gasses found primarily in industrial settings. By targeting the source of the fire, these systems stop the spread of flames within seconds.

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We Work With Clients From Many Different Industries Including Manufacturing & Education

Keystone Fire and Security offers personalized service plans tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. We make sure to assess what challenges your specific field faces in terms of fire hazards before offering the best solution. Our goal is not just to sell you a product in New Castle, DE. Rather, our mission lies in designing customizable plans ensuring optimal safety coverage.

For example, educational facilities require thorough planning and fire alarm testing. In such cases, we conduct regular training sessions with staff members alongside drills practicing evacuation protocols.

Conversely, industrial complexes confront higher chances of encountering combustible materials, flammable liquids or gasses, and high temperatures causing accidental explosions or fires, making fire alarm inspections in Dover, DE very important.

Our professional inspectors will visit your premises in New Castle, DE to identify these risks and install a fire alarm system or Ansul system to keep you protected. Regular maintenance checks are necessary to ensure efficient functioning before catastrophes strike.

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If you are looking for the best fire safety and fire protection services in New Castle, DE, count on our company to help you! We offer everything from fire alarm testing to fire alarm inspections, and we can help you find the right fire suppression system or sprinkler system to meet your needs! Contact us today to speak to our team about our fire alarm systems and access control systems in Wilmington, DE!