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The Best Access Control Systems in Delaware County, PA

One of the most effective ways of keeping your business safe is to restrict access. Yet you shouldn’t choose just any access security company to install your system. The company should be ready to walk with you every step of the way, from design and installation to future maintenance, to ensure that you continue to receive the best in access security solutions. Keystone is devoted to that cause.

When we work with a business to install our access control systems, we consider ourselves partners with them. Your success is our success. Here’s how our access control systems can help keep your business safe and why you should choose Keystone.

Keep reading to learn how access control system integration can help your business.

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What We Provide

We offer a variety of security systems in Delaware County, PA with services like security camera installation, intrusion detection system installation, license plate recognition installation and training, and more. Keystone’s access control systems are designed to provide the following.

Minimum cost


Maximum safety

Flexible solutions

Scalable solutions

Adaptability for future integrations


One of the most effective business security systems Delaware County, PA buildings can have is access control. When an access control system is installed, you are able to limit traffic flow through your business, keeping customers and clients restricted to a few certain areas for monitoring.

Access security solutions also help ensure your employees have access to areas appropriate to their credentials. Lower-tier employees do not need to access rooms with sensitive information or valuable assets, for example. Similarly, not everyone in the company needs access to the server room, rooms with patient records, or areas with dangerous machinery. By restricting access to those places, you decrease the chances of criminal activity and lower safety risk.

In the event that something does happen, your access security solutions can help you figure out who accessed that area (by showing a record of card swipes, for example) during the time of the incident.


Our access security company can also integrate access control devices with other existing or new security systems. For example, in your search to supplement your intrusion detection systems Delaware County, PA or video surveillance Delaware County, PA, Keystone access security solutions can easily be integrated with them.

Most simply, if someone accesses an area they should not, your intrusion detection system will alert your team and/or the proper authorities that something is amiss. When tied into Keystone video surveillance systems, the access control system can activate security cameras to record who it was that attempted entry.

We make integration easy.

Our Access Control Systems Can Restrict Timed Schedules

Never forget to lock the doors to your business ever again. Our access control systems remember for you. We customize your access control security to meet your parameters; if entry is limited to business operational hours, like 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, the Keystone team can program the system to restrict access outside those times.

The possibilities are virtually endless, allowing you to restrict access to certain areas within your building, as well. For example, if you have a warehouse that has shorter hours than your office, you can restrict access to the warehouse accordingly, allowing only those with the appropriate credentials to enter. Oppositely, if you have a manufacturing facility with a crew that works second or third shift and you need to restrict access to the front office overnight, an access control system can help you do just that.

Access Control Systems in Delaware County, PA Give Detailed Records
Keystone’s access control systems keep detailed entry and departure records. Should an incident occur that needs investigating, like a break-in or theft, a workplace safety accident, or other issues of concern, you will be able to rely on those records to determine who was there.

These records can also help track attendance, calculate employee hours, and create important statistical reports, like how many people enter certain areas of the building. Most importantly, it helps keep your business safe while doubling as an effective administrative tool.

Keystone Fire Offers High-Quality Access Control Systems

As a business owner in Delaware County, PA, you need strategies to protect your assets. One way to deter crime is by installing access control systems around the premises. Blocking potential entry points reduces the likelihood that criminals will breach your property, take valuable items, or vandalize your business. The experts at Keystone Fire and Security install high-level access control systems throughout Delaware County, PA.

Why Choose Keystone Fire And Security?

  • Better Structure: Installing access control systems improves structure throughout your business. You can minimize traffic and ensure that outsiders aren’t able to view certain areas. Access control systems also block access to certain areas for some employees. You’ll also receive a clear record log of who has been entering and exiting the area, which is beneficial if a security breach does occur.
  • Compatibility With Other Systems: Our access control systems are compatible with our surveillance cameras and detection systems. You will receive instant alerts if someone has entered an area where they shouldn’t be.

Keystone Fire and Security specializes in access control systems in Delaware County, PA. Discover the best access security solutions by calling today!

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