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With Keystone Fire and Security, you can breathe easy knowing you have top-notch fire protection services. Our team provides expert fire alarm testing, fire alarm inspections, and even Ansul system installation. Whether it’s a small café or a sprawling office building, no job is too big or too small for us. Let us give you peace of mind, so you can focus on running your business.

If you are looking for commercial fire alarms and fire alarm inspections in Newark, DE, count on our team.

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We Provide Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

At Keystone Fire and Security, we make it easy to maintain your fire alarm systems. From annual fire alarm tests to scheduled maintenance checks, we cover everything. We are here to make sure that your commercial fire alarms are working appropriately by providing reliable fire alarm inspections in Newark, DE. Our technicians always arrive on time to inspect your fire protection and sprinkler system.

To prepare our clients for certified compliance and long-term operational safety, our inspections unite objective evaluation with factual education for practical fire safety. Following our in-depth inspections, we empower your company in Newark, DE with:


  • Certified fire-safety documentation that can be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance and for insurance purposes in the event of a fire-related incident.
  • Cost-saving recommendations for fire-safety repairs and facility improvements. Our contractors also offer immersive fire-safety education to prepare your team to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.
  • Ahead-of-schedule testing and inspection support. Our team will gladly help you organize and manage the entire inspection/maintenance plan for ongoing compliance and fire-safe peace of mind. 
  • Access to the latest innovations in alarms, detection, and suppression. Our modern upgrades simplify fire safety with customized options for standard installations, smart integration, and full automation for life-saving emergency responses.
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Take the Necessary Precautions To Prevent Disaster With Fire Safety

Fire emergencies can be prevented with property fire alarm inspections to commercial sprinkler repair. By investing in reliable fire detection systems, not only do you prevent catastrophic damage but also safeguard yourself against potential financial losses. 

In addition to the most reliable detection technologies, we are your all-in-one resource for smart integration and remotely-monitored facility safety. Our fire safety technologies can be used to protect multiple buildings, facilities of any size, and will keep your team a step ahead of every emergency situation. 

Pair our user-friendly technology with other smart improvements such as automated suppression and instantaneous emergency-responder notifications to stay protected the moment a fire starts. Whichever innovative features are best for your facility’s considerations, our goal is always the same: to shield your people and your property from every fire hazard imaginable. 

With our knowledge and experience, Keystone Fire and Security guarantees first-class service at a budget-friendly cost. We provide the best fire alarm systems in Wilmington, DE, and we are here to help you.

Contact Us Today To Get Started in Newark, DE

If you are looking for fire alarm testing and fire alarm inspections in the local area, count on the team from Keystone Fire & Security. We can take a look at your ansul system to make sure it is working properly, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you might have as well. Our team has a significant amount of experience working with a variety of systems, and we can put that experience to work for you.

Regular fire alarm testing is important to ensure the system works appropriately when you need it most. It would be our pleasure to take care of your commercial fire alarms, but we also offer CCTV cameras in Newark, DE. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, reach out to us today.