Most Reliable Security Camera Installation Services in Delaware County, PA

The Best Video Surveillance Services in Delaware County, PA

When you need trusted video surveillance services, there is only one security company that you can trust. At Keystone, the security of your business and safety of your employees and customers are our priority. This close partnership motivates us to provide the best security solutions and services available on the market. When you need high-end security solutions that fit your budget, we are the ones to call. Here is what you need to know about our video surveillance technology in Delaware County, PA.

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What We Offer

Our video surveillance systems can provide the following:

Maximum security
Minimum operational costs
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements
Improved tracking of assets
Scalable options & Flexible solutions

Security systems Delaware County, PA businesses can choose come in a wide variety. So how do you know which solution will best protect your assets? Video surveillance is a common and great choice for many businesses, but there is much more to this technology than picking out a few cameras. With so many options, it’s easy to end up with surveillance technology that is outdated or cheap.

Choosing security experts like those at Keystone affords you peace of mind knowing the people installing your equipment are well versed in camera varieties and which features make sense for your building and budget. While we always choose cameras that offer clear, high-quality images, some are better suited for commercial settings and others for industrial settings. Similarly, some cameras are better suited for outdoor environments and others operate best in places that are not exposed to the elements.

When it comes to security system integration, linking a video surveillance system to intrusion detection systems Delaware County, PA or perimeter detection devices is easy. Doing so can alert your security team to a potential breach of security on the perimeter. The clear images can help your team identify whether the intruder is a mere animal or a human suspect.

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Just like our access control systems Delaware County, PA, security camera installation can also streamline your security. For larger buildings, it can be impossible for your security force to be everywhere at once. You can make their job easier by having security camera installation in key areas of your building.

New developments in technology allows security cameras to be able to maintain 1080p even when zoomed in 12 times. Few other video surveillance systems can boast that same quality. One obvious benefit to this feature is it allows you to better see the faces of prospective criminals. Another reason that our surveillance technology surpasses our competitors is that the clear images can cut down on false alarms. If you are not sure if someone just pocketed something from your store, our video surveillance can help you review the incident.

The best places for security camera installation are building entry points; this includes doors and windows. Criminals will be looking at these otherwise weakened areas for a possible way into the building. Other locations should be where valuable assets and information are stored, like server rooms, patient record rooms, places with expensive equipment or machinery, and vaults. By monitoring these key areas, your security force will be able to respond faster and more accurately to an emergency.

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Video Surveillance Acts as a Deterrent
Besides recording and alerting to criminal activity, security cameras are also effective in deterring crime before it happens. By placing the cameras in strategic locations, criminals will see them and think twice about committing a crime. Studies show would-be criminals are less likely to break into a business or damage property if they know they are being watched.
Keep Your Staff Productive
Another benefit that security camera installation offers is an indirect improvement in productivity. Employees tend to be more efficient when their work is being monitored for quality assurance. Not only can you monitor work flow, you can also keep an eye on production lines, delivery points, and pieces of equipment to prevent any disruptions or downtime.

Trust in Our Surveillance Solutions Today

A robust security solution includes video surveillance. Because not every camera is created equal, you need an industry expert who can provide you the best solution for your business and budget. That expert is a local leader in security, the team at Keystone. Contact us to get started planning your custom security system design and installation.