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The Best Intrusion Detection Systems in Delaware County, PA

For commercial security systems Delaware County, PA businesses can count on, the security experts at Keystone can help. You want a system that is effective. Consider intrusion detection systems.

It’s important to choose the right kind of security company to install your intrusion detection as well. At Keystone, you aren’t just another customer. The security of your business is vital to us because your success is our success. Here’s what you need to know about Keystone intrusion detection systems in Delaware County, PA.

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What We Offer

When looking for intrusion detection systems, our service and installation is second to none. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from trusting Keystone with your intrusion detection system installation.
Minimum operational costs
Maximum security
Prevention of security threats
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements

One reasons why we’re one of the best security companies in the area is because we focus on prevention. Why spend extra money recovering lost assets and stolen information when you could prevent that from happening in the first place? This is the mission that Keystone believes in.

It’s why you can rely on our perimeter protection to be your first line of defense. Our perimeter motion detectors will inform your security team to any immediate security threats. Unlike other perimeter motion detectors, ours will tell you and the responding authorities the exact location of the security breach, saving time and effort.


When coupled with video surveillance Delaware County, PA, businesses can use Keystone intrusion detection systems to both prevent and record security breaches. One type of intrusion detection is a door monitoring system. These systems alert security teams the instant an otherwise locked door is opened. When tied into a video surveillance system, the alert from the door monitoring system will activate nearby security cameras to capture the cause of the incident.

Each door has a unique signature, so the system knows exactly which door is opened and when. Your security team can easily use the monitor tied to the video surveillance system to see all access points at once or pinpoint the location of the incident in question, viewing everything in real-time and high definition. This helps law enforcement reach the criminal before they escape or, if the person gets away, records the incident for future use (like in submitting a claim to your insurance company or in court).

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Limit False Alarms with Our Perimeter Motion Detectors

Keystone motion detection systems on property perimeters and building doors and windows help cut down the number of false alarms that your security team faces. Because we use high quality technology from trusted security industry brands, you will know the security alert you receive in the middle of the night is an actual threat and not an animal running along the fence.

Motion detectors can also be tied into video surveillance and access control systems in Delaware County, PA to enhance overall security. When a detector is tripped, the doors will lock, the security cameras will turn on, and your security team or law enforcement will be alerted. This allows for faster and more accurate response.

Responding officers won’t spend crucial minutes trying to figure out where a criminal broke in; because each device has a specific location signature, they will know exactly where to go to apprehend the suspect.

Increase Protection and Cut Down Costs

While integrating multiple security systems is the best approach, all you need is one effective security system to keep your people and property safe. At Keystone, we offer scalable and affordable security systems for every business, small or large, and a variety of vertical markets. Most importantly, you save money with us by decreasing the chances of losing valuable inventory or private information.

With Keystone at your side, you can realize maximum return on investment and reap the benefits of a high quality security system.

>> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

Contact Us Today and Increase Your Security

Stop wasting your money on security companies that don’t practice what they preach. Partner with Keystone, a security company that takes your safety seriously. We can help install detection systems that will vastly improve the safety of your business and employees and save you money. Call us today.