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The Best Intrusion Detection Systems in Chester County, PA

Perimeter detection and other intrusion detection systems remain one of the most effective ways to prevent crime. With plenty of devices on the market, you have to be wary of quality; few other security companies offer the same reliable technology as Keystone.

In keeping your employees and customers safe, we become your security partner, helping you not only determine which commercial security systems are best for your business but providing continued maintenance to ensure you realize maximum return on investment. Here’s what you need to know about Keystone intrusion detection systems in Chester County, PA.

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intrusion detection chester county pa

What We Offer

When looking for intrusion detection systems, our service and installation is second to none. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from trusting Keystone with your intrusion detection system installation.
Minimum operational costs
Maximum security
Prevention of security threats
Easy integration into existing security systems
Adaptability for future security improvements

Our intrusion detection in Delaware County, PA and neighboring Chester County, PA businesses are great solutions for preventing crime. Our perimeter motion detectors can alert your security team the moment that something triggers them.

How many times have you been bothered in the middle of the night with a false alarm, notifying local law enforcement to respond, only to find your system was triggered by an animal? Unlike some perimeter motion detectors on the general consumer market, Keystone trusts technology that is more advanced to help cut down false alarms. The devices we use are cutting edge without breaking the bank.

When you couple our perimeter detection with video surveillance in Chester County, PA, you can verify a security threat in real-time, further decreasing the number of false alarms.


Most buildings have multiple exterior doors; if those doors do not remain closed and secured, it is an easy way for unauthorized people to enter. Restricting access to doors so visitors may enter at only one point is key to enhancing security. Additionally, unless every exterior door is monitored with an alerting security system, it is nearly impossible to know which door is ajar or propped open. Propped doors provide an opportunity for unauthorized entry.

Like all of our security systems in Chester County, PA, our perimeter detection and door monitoring systems can be integrated to create a network of strong protection. Each one makes the other more effective.     >> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

Reduce Human Error and Increase Response Time with Intrusion Detection Systems

If your business has an in-house security team or if you rely on local law enforcement to respond in an emergency, commercial security systems can greatly assist in their timely and accurate response. One effective method is by installing intrusion detection systems at each building location.

In situations where a patrolling security force cannot be everywhere at once, intrusion detection devices each have unique identifiers per location; when activated, security personnel will know exactly where to respond so they can investigate the cause. Response time improves when it is easy to locate which device was triggered, as opposed to checking every entry point for signs of a breach.

>> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

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When you’re ready for the best intrusion detection systems for your business, call the Keystone team. We create solutions unique to your building so you can be assured you’re getting the best commercial security solution for your dollar.