Our Access Control Specialists Can Do A Lot For Your Business

Keystone installs only the best access control and security systems in Montgomery County, PA.  At Keystone, we work to treat our clients like partners. We won’t just sell you an access control system and walk away. We ensure that each system we install operates efficiently and provides you with the security control that you require to keep your business and employees safe. For the lifetime of your commercial access control system, we offer continued support.

Here’s how access system integration can help your business:

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Benefits of Access Control Systems

The key benefits of including an access control system into your business security plan are:
Limit traffic flow to approved areas
Cut down on employee theft or outside threats
Protection of sensitive data
Protection of valuable assets

For a bustling business, it can be hard to keep track of the flow of customers and employees. Video surveillance can only cover so much. An access control system can be integrated with your other security systems to ensure the control you need.

One of the key benefits of implementing access control system integrations to your overall security strategy is it keeps the flow of traffic contained to one area. For the general public or visitors to your building, access to rooms outside of the main hub will be automatically denied. Likewise, only employees with certain levels of access or predetermined credentials can enter restricted rooms.

With fewer people able to wander throughout your building, your surveillance systems can operate with greater ease and security teams will face fewer obstacles when monitoring visitor and employee movement.  >> Contact Us


Our access control specialists begin with a free consultation, surveying the key areas of entry for your business. We take the time to learn the details of your business and what you aim to protect, then expertly design an access control system custom tailored to your needs. Depending on the project, we can upgrade your existing security systems to include new access control technology, or we can install a brand new access control system entirely.

During the planning and design process, we account for the areas that employees regularly visit, the doors they use to leave and enter the building, as well as the most heavily populated areas for customers. We want to make sure the access control systems we install do not interfere with workflow, efficiency, or customer experience, while still maintaining absolute security.

Once the design is complete and has your approval, we get to work on installing your access control system. After installation, we take the time to teach you how to use your system and provide you continued service should a question or problem ever arise.   >> Contact Us


Access control system installation for your business in Montgomery County, PA can help reduce theft by restricting the movement of people. Building visitors and employees won’t have an opportunity to steal as they will be automatically barred from entering sensitive areas or rooms that store confidential information.

A robust system also makes breaking into restricted rooms a lot harder – prospective criminals are out of luck in accessing those restricted rooms.  Latest developments in access control systems that rely on biometrics like fingerprint and eye scanning allow for a higher level of security. For many potential criminals, simply the visibility of security systems helps deter theft.     >> Contact Us

Keystone Fire and Security is the best integrated security company for your Montgomery County, PA business.

We understand that implementing a new access control system into your business in Montgomery County, PA, you need to make sure you are receiving the highest return on investment. Our access control specialists at Keystone will begin with a free consultation and determine the key areas and access points in your business that will benefit from an access control system.

All points of entry to your facility will be reviewed, along with the other specific needs for your company. Internally, important areas will likely be employee break rooms, storage rooms, data centers, server rooms, and other areas that hold valuable assets, products, and information.

After determining important locations to protect, our experienced technicians will carefully install the access control system and integrate it into your existing security system. After installation, we promise continued support so you can learn how to best use your access control system and offer 24/7 service should you ever need an emergency repair.

An Access Control System from Keystone can help take your business to the next level.

Let’s get started.

If you’re looking for access control specialists to implement access control systems for your business in Montgomery County, PA, then call Keystone. We’ll help keep your business safe