Premier Commercial Security System Installations in Delaware County, PA

The Best Business Security Systems in Delaware County, PA

A smart investment you need to make in your business is security. All it takes is one potentially harmful theft to threaten everything you worked so hard to build. At Keystone, we’re devoted to installing the best commercial security systems that will increase safety for your employees and customers alike.

Better yet, we treat you like a business partner, helping you along the way to find the best physical security solution for your building and providing continued service and maintenance to ensure these systems withstand the test of time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of corporate security systems in Delaware County, PA.   >> Download Unified Security Management PDF

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commercial security systems delaware county pa


One of the best ways to prevent crime is to strengthen security at building entry points. Our access control systems Delaware County, PA are effective in restricting the movement of customers, clients, and employees within your business.

Whether it’s through keycard access or more advanced technology like biometric scanners, Keystone offers security system installation for a variety of devices to limit traffic. Starting with the exterior doors of your building is the first step in making your business a safer place. Other key areas for access control include entryways to rooms with sensitive information or expensive assets. Keystone customers commonly use access control systems to protect data server rooms, patient or employee record rooms, production areas with costly or dangerous machinery, etc.

The access control systems Keystone installs keep a log of information, detailing who entered the area with date and timestamps. You are able to reference this information and provide it to the police to aid in their criminal investigation.  >> Download Access Control PDF


One problem that outdated or basic corporate security systems have is that they may alert to a break-in occurring but not where. Instead of a quick and accurate response, your in-house security team or responding law enforcement must guess the location of the security breach. This gives a criminal ample time to escape.

Keystone intrusion detection systems Delaware County, PA prevent a threat from reaching your building in the first place. When placed along the perimeter of your property, these systems can detect a potential threat, distinguishing an animal from a human. Devices like fence sensors and laser and infrared motion detectors can sense a breach at the perimeter and activate your supplemental security systems, like video surveillance, to give you eyes on the incident. The security camera is programmed to follow the action, watching the individual’s movement toward your building. With glass break sensors at your windows and contact closures at your doors, you will be alerted when the unauthorized individual attempts to enter the building.

>> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

Corporate Security Systems & Security Cameras Ward Off Criminals

One of the most common services we are called for is security camera installation Delaware County, PA. Customers trust Keystone with their video surveillance needs because we carefully evaluate their facility to determine the best, most effective locations for security cameras, rather than overselling for the sake of making a profit. Security cameras offer a great return on investment when properly installed, mostly because these commercial security systems act as a crime deterrent.

Studies show criminals are less likely to commit a crime when they know they are being watched. While we do install cameras in locations less obvious to the untrained eye, visible security cameras are arguably more valuable when it comes to crime prevention.

Should a crime occur, however, you want to be sure the cameras installed provide clear footage to identify the suspect. That’s why we trust the latest in video surveillance technology from industry leaders like Genetec and Hanwha to provide high definition, 1080p footage, coupled with system dashboard features for intelligent, easy-to-access analytics. Contact us today to schedule camera security system installation in Hamiliton, NJ or Delaware County, PA.

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Business security systems come in a variety of types, so it can be difficult to figure out which is best for your company with a simple Google search. If security is important to you, the easiest first step you can take is speaking with a Keystone Life Safety Advisor who can assist in finding the best, most cost-effective solution, tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call today for a custom security package.