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The Best Commercial Security Systems in Carbon County, PA

There are plenty of security companies in Carbon County, PA to choose from, but none protect your business with the same experienced, responsive, and easy-to-work with team like Keystone.

Our 40 plus years in the commercial security industry has taught us the importance of not only designing and installing a dependable security system, but maintaining that investment, as well. That’s why we offer comprehensive service for business security systems in Carbon County.

Be it voice, data, video, or emergency signals, the Keystone team is prepared to offer you the best professional support services the security industry has to offer.

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Access control systems in Carbon County, PA are a great way to restrict the movement of your customers and employees without proper credentials. These corporate security systems can ensure that only certain people, like managers or approved vendors, can access rooms that contain valuable assets and sensitive information.

Keystone business security systems like access control also come with detailed digital reports. Each device logs entry and departure records so you can see who went through a door and when. These reports can be extremely useful to determine who last accessed the room when a crime occurred.

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A robust physical security system should also include intrusion detection systems in Carbon County, PA. Security monitoring systems with intrusion detection help cut down on the number of false alarms. Intrusion detection devices are intelligent technology, able to discern a human threat from an animal large enough to trip the average security system. Instead of wasting your security team’s time and energy by responding to every threat that emerges, these detection corporate security systems ensure that they only respond to actual threats.

It’s also one of the best ways to coordinate your team’s response in the event of a break-in. With door monitoring commercial security systems, your team will know exactly where to go when a break-in occurs.

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Security Monitoring Systems Must Contain Video Surveillance

Video surveillance in Carbon County, PA is an essential corporate security system. Security cameras are a great addition to existing business security systems for a variety of reasons, from crime deterrence and verification to process control and quality assurance.

Cameras are just one part of security monitoring systems. Keystone uses the latest in security camera technology to offer high definition, 1080p footage that does not lose resolution even when zoomed in on a subject up to 12 times. Keystone trusts video management software and analytics from industry leaders like Genetec and Axis Communications to provide insights and smart data so you can respond to what matters and automate everything else.

Video surveillance can also be integrated into other commercial security systems like access control and intrusion detection to make them even more effective. When those systems activate, the cameras turn on to capture and verify threats in real time.    >> Download Video Surveillance PDF

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