Restaurant Fire Suppression
System Estimator

Determine the Cost of a New or Replacement

Wet Chemical Suppression System

Most wet chemical restaurant suppression systems are estimated based on the total number of flow points or nozzles required to protect the plenum, duct, and appliances. On average, a single tank system will cost between $4000- $6000 installed, depending on the number of appliances to be protected. Some hazards under the hood require additional agent to extinguish the fire. Systems requiring more flow points typically require a larger capacity tank or multiple tanks. The illustration below is based on a single tank application only.

To estimate the cost of your system, count the number of appliances to be protected under the hood, the number of ducts leaving the hood, and allow a minimum of two flow points for the plenum. Based on the number of flow points, find the approximate price of your system in the table below. We recommend you contact a Keystone Life Safety Advisor for an accurate quote.


Today’s businesses present hazards that need to be detected quickly and extinguished to avoid costly downtime and loss of business. We design and install specialty extinguishing systems that are tailored to protect your equipment and processes, and we inspect them to ensure they work when you need them.

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