Fire Alarm System Estimator

Determine a budget cost for a new

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm is typically estimated based on points of protection, where each point represents a smoke detector, pull station, or audible device, for example. The blue line below indicates a turnkey installation price over a range of system sizes, from very small to very large installations. The red line indicates the cost for material engineering and testing only. It is not uncommon for us to provide a price less the cost of labor to install when an owner or general contractor chooses to provide their own electrical labor.

To estimate the cost of your system, determine the approximate number of devices required in your building and multiply by the corresponding cost per point of protection. If you need assistance in determining your device layout, please contact a Keystone Life Safety Advisor.

Typical System Sizing Chart


Pts. Typical Application
10 Daycare Center
25 Small Office
50 Motel
75 Small Nursing Home
100 Elementary School
200 High School
300 Medium Size Hotel
400 Large Apartment Building
500 High Rise Building


Today’s businesses present hazards that need to be detected early, so people can be alerted promptly and evacuated safely. We design and install early warning detection systems to address your unique life safety needs, and we inspect them to ensure they work when you need them.