Why You Should Consider Having Multiple Fire Safety Solutions

Feb 25, 2021 | Fire Protection System

As a business, having a single fire safety solution is only a start to protecting your company, your employees, and the value you offer to your community. However, installing multiple systems that work together to prevent and fight fire makes for a much safer facility. Here’s how.


Fire detection includes recognizing threats of smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, and infrared thermal imaging for locating hot spots. Small buildings are easier to cover and may not need complex life safety technology, but no matter the size of the business, fire detection and alarm devices should not be overlooked. Placing these devices strategically and to meet code requirements helps detect fire in its incipient stages and affords occupants valuable time to escape safely. 


Small fires can be easily extinguished with a hand portable device to prevent flames from growing out-of-control. Large fires equate to a higher cost of damage and loss of productivity that shows up in diminished revenues. Hanging fire extinguishers in recommended, easy-to-access areas adds another layer of fire protection. While occupants should not stay in  the building to fight the fire with an extinguisher (leave that to the experts!), it can be used to assist them in safely exiting the building. 


At a minimum, most businesses should have a fire sprinkler system installed. These include commercial establishments such as nurseries, schools, retail stores, manufacturing plants, office buildings, healthcare facilities, and more. There are a few different types of fire sprinkler systems tailored to protect specific applications, so it is important to understand what type of sprinkler system your business requires. Our company specializes in fire sprinkler installation in Lehigh Valley, PA, and can design a sprinkler system that meets your needs as your business grows.


Water may be ineffective for certain types of fires. For example, chemical and manufacturing plants might regularly use water-resistant substances such as gasoline, oil, and other flammable liquids. A sprinkler system in a laboratory or manufacturing area designated for those chemical processes may not be as effective or may do more harm. Other industries where suppression systems offer added protection include the restaurant industry (kitchen hood suppression), art museums, libraries, and data storage. Fire suppression systems use specialized agents to stop fires fast.


Multiple fire safety solutions reduce property damage and save precious lives, the latter of which there is no replacement. Our expert fire protection services in Lehigh Valley, PA can help you determine the best fire prevention plan and fire protection strategy for your business.

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