Why License Plate Recognition is Important

Jan 18, 2022 | Security

From the parking lot to your front door, the best business operations are supported by optimized security that extends beyond the walls of your establishment. The addition of license plate recognition monitoring provides a range of direct benefits for your facility and depending on the type of business you manage, you may be surprised to find that license plate recognition software offers more than just an additional layer of exterior security. 

Streamline Parking Accessibility

License plate recognition technology seamlessly pairs with automated gates and driveway monitoring for simplified entryway management. Ideal for highly-trafficked entryways like universities, parking structures, or facilities that utilize parking passes and require a better way to manage entryway access. Programmable to permit pre-approved license plates or visitor vehicles only at certain times of the day, automated accessibility immediately eliminates the headaches associated with unauthorized use of your parking lot. 

Improve Parking Enforcement 

If you manage a paid parking lot or the spaces are restricted to certain hours of the day, our license plate recognition technology is equally relevant for parking enforcement applications. Improved parking enforcement procedures naturally result in increased parking lot revenue, and provide a greater system of organization for staff members charged with parking lot duties. Our systems can be utilized to track the amount of time a vehicle has been in the lot, and since a log of the time and plate number is instantaneously stored upon entry/exit, our system provides a realistic solution for enforcing parking violations with certified proof. 

Prevent Security Issues

By extending your security measures beyond the walls of your building, you proactively prevent a variety of potential security issues. Our license plate recognition software is designed to pair with our integrated commercial security systems in Bucks County, PA, and can be fine-tuned to address your specific security needs for maximized exterior safety. 

For example, when our license plate recognition systems are unified with your other security features, you’ll actively: 

  • Remain Informed of Any Suspicious Activity: When an unauthorized vehicle plate is detected, our license plate recognition software can instantly notify security personnel of the breach.
  • Remain Aware of Guest/Client Arrival: Prepare for visitors with real-time monitoring providing valuable visitor arrival information. Even if our recognition systems aren’t actively deterring threats, increasing overall business awareness outside ensures that you are always prepared for your next guest interaction. 
  • Support Your Community: The AutoVU License Plate Recognition system can share data with multiple agencies, such as your local police department. If there is ever a stolen vehicle or issue with a specific license plate that arrives on your property, our system empowers authorities to apprehend illegal vehicles and prevents suspicious individuals from gaining entry into your establishment. 

Learn More About License Plate Recognition Benefits

Would you like to improve facility accessibility, parking enforcement, and enhance your exterior security? All of our security solutions are customized to your specific facility needs; contact our experts for a complimentary consultation to learn more.


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