Why Access Control Is Safer For Your Business Than Lock And Key 

Jan 11, 2023 | Security

For many years, a traditional key was the only way to enter a building. Employees had their keys or had to be let in by a security guard. However, times have changed. Access control systems are how businesses modernize entry procedures and enjoy the added safety and convenience that these systems give them.

Access Control Keys are Almost Impossible to Copy

A flat key can easily be copied. A quick trip to a department store or a key copying machine will give employees extra keys. Once that employee is terminated, there’s a chance that business owners won’t get all of the keys back. That won’t be a concern with access control systems. Instead, you can have complete control over who has access to your building and trust that your business is safe.

Access Control Provides Data Entry Information

Outdated businesses are often stuck with reviewing security cameras when there is a security situation. If the person is wearing a mask, it’s impossible to tell who they are or how they got into the building. That’s because older keys are impossible to track. That’s where access control systems truly outshine older entry methods. Most corporate security systems in Montgomery, PA are designed to keep an accurate record of every person that enters the building. This will deter employees from scamming the company and provide business owners with valuable information if there is a robbery.


Every business owner loves the convenience of a modern access control system. First, employers don’t have to deal with employees losing or forgetting keys. Systems that use key cards make it easier for employees to remember their modern keys. Other access control systems require different verification, such as a fingerprint. Employees can’t forget or lose their key, or their key card when they don’t need one! On top of that, employers don’t need to keep a security guard at the front desk to let people in or keep a log of visitors. Access control systems simplify business operations.

Business Owners Save Time

Modern access control systems can easily be moderated with your phone, laptop, or tablet, ensuring business owners save hours. Instead of meeting employees to give them keys or paying someone else to do the task, business owners can easily allow or deny access with a few quick taps on their devices.

In Conclusion

Access entry systems help business owners save both time and money. They provide accurate information to make businesses more secure. Have more questions about access entry systems? Contact our access control specialists in Allentown, PA today!


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