Why A Professional-Grade Security System Is Your Number One Defense

May 5, 2020 | News, Solutions

Enhance Your Security

The success of your business includes the security of its information, assets, employees, and customers. When your business isn’t deemed safe, fewer customers will trust you to serve them. The best way that you can increase your business’s safety is with a professional-grade security system in place. At Keystone Fire and Security, we excel at providing numerous types of security systems into different kinds of businesses. Read on to learn why having a professional-grade security system is the number one defense for your people and property.

  1. Monitor Potential Criminals
    Many security systems offer some form of visual surveillance. With security technology rapidly improving, it is easier for businesses to achieve higher-level system monitoring and analytics, like storing a database of facial recognition data that can track known criminals who attempt to enter your business.

    On a smaller scale, if your employees have had difficulty with a customer before, your security system can inform you when that customer enters your business again. Your security team will be able to keep a close eye on them and escort them out of the building at the first sign of trouble.

    Video surveillance and analytics is just one professional-grade security system that can be tailored to fit exactly what you need while offering a preventative approach in stopping criminal activity before it happens.

  1. Motion Detection
    Another security system that can be installed in your business is motion detection. This is important because it can inform your security team where motion is being detected. When placed near key access points like a door or window, you will be able to pinpoint when and where someone attempted to enter – or even break into – your building.

    This helps prevent your security team or responding law enforcement from needlessly wandering through your building. Instead, they can react when a detector goes off and be at the exact location within minutes.

    For smaller businesses, your overnight security guard may be a single employee who simply cannot be everywhere at once.  Maybe you do not have a security team at all.  Motion or intrusion detection technology can help protect your business when you cannot physically be there yourself.

  1. Perimeter Defense
    Along with motion detection, you can also have perimeter detection that is much more advanced than a simple fence. Perimeter detection is a great security system because it helps inform authorities of a property breach before the criminal approaches the building.

    This is especially helpful for businesses with valuable assets located outside the building like propane/gas or water tanks, expensive equipment, company vehicles, and more. Our perimeter detection security systems also help reduce the number of false alarms.

  1. Restricting Access
    Access control systems are another key security system that can safeguard your business from unwanted visitors. You may recognize certain components of these systems like card entry or keypad devices outside main access points.  When used in conjunction with a video surveillance system, you can see exactly who is trying to scan a keycard or enter a code to unlock the door.

    Access control also allows you to restrict access to certain rooms inside your business. This can help restrict low-level employees from entering rooms with high-value assets and information, like a server room, medical records storage, safes, etc.

    By limiting entry to these areas, you can track who attempted to access them and reduce opportunities for stolen information or documents.

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