Which Fire Safety System is Right for My Business?

Mar 27, 2020 | Fire Protection Services

There are many fire safety systems available ranging from sprinklers to fire extinguishers. Each system is designed to give you and your employees peace of mind in case of an emergency. They alert quickly and provide protection from the fire as well. Continue reading below to learn more about the fire safety systems that are right for your type of business.

Fire Safety Systems for Schools

Fire safety systems are of utmost importance in schools. Schools must protect all employees, including teachers, administrative workers, custodians, lunch workers, and building visitors to name a few. They also must protect all students in case of a fire, making these systems even more important.

Many schools have cooking equipment to prepare lunches in the cafeteria or in-home economics classrooms. With kitchen cooking equipment comes added fire danger. Additionally, wood and metal shop classes have the potential for a fire hazard.  Even rooms like the computer lab are at risk because electronic equipment is not necessarily safe from fire.  For this reason, there are many systems that can be utilized in a school to prevent and fight all classes of fires, including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and kitchen sprinkler or suppression systems. Emergency exit signs and lighting help guide the way to a safe egress route.  Fire safety systems strategically placed throughout the entire building will provide the best protection for students, staff, and visitors.

Fire Safety Systems for Commercial Businesses

If you own a commercial business, it is important to protect your employees and your guests or customers. Fire safety systems are part of ensuring your commercial business is a safe working environment for all. Fire safety systems should protect against appliance fires, kitchen fires, and electrical fires.

Commercial businesses should be equipped with fire alarm systems for an added layer of protection.  The fire marshal advises commercial buildings should install fire alarms systems in Chester County, for example, combined with emergency lighting systems to ensure everyone can get out in case of a fire. Suppression systems such as sprinklers and fire extinguishers should be provided throughout the building as well in accordance with local codes and standards. Most importantly, ensure an evacuation plan is in place so everyone knows how to get out of the building as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fire Safety Systems for Restaurants

Restaurants may offer the highest risk of fire danger. Fire damages can cost restaurants for everything. This danger can be caused by the appliances in the restaurant, by hot food burning, or by grease igniting, for instance.

It is important that any kitchen in a restaurant is equipped with suppression systems in place. Is your kitchen hood properly protected with the right suppression system for the hazard?  Marco trusts manufacturers like ANSUL suppression systems and Kidde Fire Systems kitchen suppression to help protect restaurant and commercial kitchens. Fire extinguishers should also be in place in the kitchen (Class K fire extinguishers) and throughout the building (ABC fire extinguishers), as well as sprinkler systems in the dining section of the restaurant. A well-rounded fire protection strategy is important to keep your staff and customers protected in case of an emergency.

There are many fire safety systems that can protect you, your employees, your guests, and your business. Make sure to contact us to determine the right system for your business. Protect everyone by having the right set-up in place.


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