Which Access Control System Is Suitable for Your Business?

Sep 29, 2020 | News, Solutions

Many businesses need access control systems in Bucks County PA to permit or block access to business properties and facilities. Access control systems are available in three main sectors:, access control software, access control hardware, and hosted or managed security. Read on to learn more about each type of access control to determine which one is suitable for your business.

Access Control Software

An access control software system controls who is permitted access to certain areas of your facilities. It can also limit public access or foot traffic through sensitive areas. This can be anything from the front door to an employee-only warehouse or another area with hazards that require access by only trained professionals. Such restrictions help keep your business, customers, and employees safe. 

The types of businesses that use access control software are often larger facilities like schools or businesses that require keeping the public from entering without permission. With an access control system, there is a higher security check for anyone without access to enter the building. Realistically, businesses of any size that want to implement access control can easily do so.

Access Control Hardware

The access control hardware is the interactive part of the system. This is where the access is granted or denied. The type of access control systems we install are physical security devices. One example is a keycard reader; they are integrated into a management system where access permissions are kept. Our systems often are placed by each door in a building or specific doors, like a main entrance or entry, points to sensitive areas (ie. patient record rooms, places with dangerous machinery, stock rooms, etc.). These devices can be activated by employee ID badges (like ones with a magnetic strip) or if a number pad is present, and employee-specific PIN will unlock the door.  This restricts people who have not been registered in the system from freely entering.  Additionally, employees without proper credentials despite having a keycard will also be denied access.  The door remains locked until someone with full access provides the hardware with the correct information.

Hosted and Managed Security

This part of the access system is where people are granted access to the system itself. It also allows the business owner or security personnel to monitor the access control system. This can be accessed from nearly anywhere via mobile devices or internet access. That means security can be monitored in real-time without impacting productivity.  Your access control system can be programmed to send you specific, real-time alerts.  For example, if someone attempts to access your building after business hours, your system can be programmed to alert you and the local authorities to the security breach.

Building security personnel cannot be everywhere at once; installing an access control system can help add security and peace of mind that your business has no weak points. Keystone Fire and Security provides a variety of reliable access control systems to complete your advanced-level security system. Contact us to learn more about our business security systems in Bucks County PA. Ask about our custom approach to your business’s security. 


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