What Type of Security Options Do You Have for Your Correctional Facility?

Jan 4, 2022 | Security

Maintaining a consistent level of safety for staff, visitors, and inmates requires a level of vigilance that is dynamic, interconnected, and easily integrated into current security protocols. Sophisticated criminal activity, disruptive or dangerous behavior, and every other threatening situation involved with the day-to-day operations of correctional facilities demand an evolving approach to updated security measures.

If the level of safety within your facility is limited due to outdated camera systems, poorly monitored access points, or insufficient security data, our onsite evaluations and facility-specific security solutions are designed to bridge the gap in facility weaknesses with calculated precision. From facial recognition and entry logs at every access point, to automated camera systems that record the moment motion is detected, our customized solutions improve staff’s ability to maintain order, transparent oversight, and the safety of everyone within the building.

Safeguard Your Access Points

Among the most versatile facility upgrades available, improving your entry and exit management is an integral security update that proactively prevents multiple correctional facility issues. Our access point technology is easily managed through a centralized control platform, and greatly enhances facility-wide awareness by actively tracking staff, visitors, or inmates that are entering, exiting or moving throughout the facility.

Our access control specialists in Bucks County can improve your access point monitoring with customized security solutions, like:

  • Personnel Monitoring: Every time a badge or keycode is entered, our advanced systems can be utilized to create a detailed log of any access point. This includes relevant data like time, location, and verification that the individual’s badge/ID corresponds with the facial recognition software.
  • Headcount Tracking: Maintain an active headcount of every individual that is within your facility. With our 24/7 vigilance in place, any unknown individuals, suspicious activity, or unauthorized entry into restricted zones is immediately alerted to onsight security staff.
  • Automate Accessibility: With our programmable access point system, you can schedule a timeframe that personnel is permitted entry into the building or certain areas. For example, you can prevent security breaches by ensuring that only actively scheduled officers are permitted entry during designated work hours.

Improve Communication Infrastructure

Along with vital system improvements like advanced access control and camera monitoring, our interconnected security enhancements greatly improve inter-staff communication throughout the facility. To keep your staff and officers actively informed, we offer:

  • Mass Notification Systems: Alert all personnel in the event of an inmate disturbance, emergency,  or access point breach.
  • Intercom Systems: Enable staff to communicate without opening sensitive access points, or address visitors with greater safety before permitting entry into the facility.

Interconnect Your Security Camera SysteM

Standalone video recording solutions lack the depth of monitoring quality involved with an integrated system that communicates with your other security features. Our advanced camera monitoring technology enables synchronization with motion detection at access points, multi-facility live, and recorded footage, and our experts can interconnect our cameras with your entire security system following a complimentary security evaluation.


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