What Is The Best Fire Suppressant For At-Risk Industries?

Mar 29, 2023 | Fire Suppression Systems

Certain industries at risk for fires require different fire suppression systems. These systems are not one size fits all. Having the appropriate system installed will help keep these industries safe from the severe damage a fire can cause. We’ll discuss the top at-risk industries and the best fire suppression systems for each one.

Commercial Cooking

For a commercial kitchen, the best fire suppression system is a wet chemical kitchen system. These systems will protect your hood, exhaust ducts, cooking equipment, and grease filters from grease fires. They use fine droplets to suppress the fire and prevent re-ignition. Unlike the old powder-based systems, a wet chemical kitchen system provides much easier results to clean up.

The reaction is immediate when the liquid comes into contact with the fire. It begins to extinguish the flames, creating a foam layer that stops all chances of the fires igniting again. It’s an automatic cooling agent, reducing the heat of the fire and choking the air from it.

In addition to the wet chemical system, it’s essential to have a class K fire extinguisher in the kitchen. The combination of the extinguisher and the system will keep all employees and customers safe from the dangers of a grease fire. When you have your fire suppression systems in Delaware County installed, you can have your technician ensure your fire extinguisher is in working order.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

For a manufacturing or warehousing business, the ideal solution for fire suppression is a dry chemical industrial system. This type of system is ideal in areas where you wouldn’t want water or sprinklers used. While dry chemical systems offer the hardest cleanup, they are the cheapest to install. These systems come in two options: ABC and BC powder. ABC is the multipurpose option that can be used for Class A flammables, which are ordinary combustibles like paper and wood. BC powder works best on Class B flammable liquids and Class C electrical fires.

Dry chemical systems are extremely reliable, pumping out a lot of agents to extinguish a fire quickly. The systems are also economical as they can be recharged after use. As long as you remember to recharge it, it can be used repeatedly.

While the cleanup is extensive and requires specialized handling, the pros of this system far outweigh the cons. This is the best option for businesses that need dry fire suppression in Lancaster County.

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