What Industries Are Most At Risk For Fires?

Mar 1, 2023 | Fire Suppression Systems

Protecting your business from fire is essential, as you never know when the unthinkable could strike. Having proper protective measures in place will keep your assets safe. Certain industries are more at risk than others for a fire; we’ll explore them in this article.

Commercial Cooking

Businesses that focus on or do a lot of cooking are a top risk for fires. Grease is the primary cause of kitchen fires, as it can build up on everything including the ducts, filters, and hoods. The combination of the grease buildup and the high heat of the kitchen appliances can cause a fire to ignite.

In addition, the cooking oil itself is at risk of catching fire if it’s overheated. If the staff leaves the oil unattended or sets the temperature too high, it can easily ignite leading to a damaging fire.

Electrical malfunctions can also cause a fire. These include short circuits and overloaded outlets. Improper use of any kitchen equipment is another common cause of fires. This can be anything ranging from leaving the cooking equipment on for too long or using frayed electrical cords.


Manufacturing companies also face significant fire risk, and getting a fire sprinkler system installation in Delaware can help keep your business safe. The leading cause in this industry is faulty electrical equipment. This can include loose wiring, wiring that is no longer up to code, overloaded circuits, and faulty connections.

Machinery and equipment come next on the list, including heating, lighting, and industrial equipment. Any machine that uses hot oils uses friction during operation, has moving parts, or can create a spark or malfunction is a risk for a fire.

If hot works are used, they can potentially lead to a fire. This includes welding, torch cutting, and soldering. The sparks generated from these processes can travel more than 35 feet, making them especially dangerous when anywhere near anything flammable.

Good housekeeping is essential as many materials will not be combustible in their original form, but once they generate dust, the dust is highly combustible. Any manufacturing industry using flammable liquids and gasses is especially prone to fire risks.


Electrical and lighting problems, including lamps, cables, and wiring, frequently start warehouse fires. Following this, trash and rubbish fires can start from a buildup of unwanted packaging.

In the winter, space heaters are a significant fire problem and should not be used in these settings. Additionally, problems with chimneys, boilers, and central heating can cause fire issues. 

Warehouses are also at risk of exposure to fires. In this situation, a fire will start in a nearby building and spread to the affected warehouse.

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