What Happens During A Fire System Inspection

Jan 4, 2023 | Fire Systems Inspections

Fire inspections are a necessary part of any building. If you have a building where people come and go, you are going to be required to have an annual fire inspection of your fire systems to ensure that they are working properly. So, what does a fire inspection include? Keep reading to find out.

General Inspections

The first step of any inspection is going to be the physical and visual inspection of fire detectors in the building. They are going to check the alarms to see that they are functional and up to code, check extinguishers to make sure that they are put where they should be, and check for fire hazards. 

If you are having your home inspected, the inspector might check that there are enough smoke detectors through the home and that there are plenty of places of egress as well. The purpose of a fire detection system is to detect a fire, alert the occupants of the building, mitigate the risk, and alert the fire department. A system that is up to code will do all of these things. 

When To Hire A Fire Inspection Company

If you are dealing with a commercial building, you need to have a good fire detection system in place and take the time to get a proper fire inspection each year. Fire system inspection companies in Bucks County, PA, like Keystone Fire & Security, can help you determine if there are flaws in your fire detection system. If so, they will help you to modify your system to better fit the needs of your company and your particular business.

Fire inspections are something that many counties require every year to ensure that the patrons that might be frequenting the building are going to be safe. Fire safety training in Philadelphia is also very beneficial as it can help you learn how to spot issues and protect yourself and the people that are in the building with you.

It can be so difficult to make sure that your home or business is safe and secure when it comes to fire safety and fire hazards. Contact us today to find out how you can better protect your building!


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