What Are Wet Kitchen Systems?

Jan 18, 2023 | Fire Suppression Systems

If you are in the market for a commercial fire protection company in Delaware County for your restaurant, you may have heard of wet kitchen systems. But what exactly are they? Let’s look at wet kitchen systems and why they are an ideal solution for protecting your business from the dangers of fire. We will also discuss how to design and install a wet kitchen system and why working with a reputable fire suppression inspection company is important. 

Wet Kitchen Systems

A wet kitchen system is a fire suppression system specifically designed for commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and other food service establishments. The system is composed of an array of strategically-placed fire sprinklers and other fire suppression equipment that can detect and quickly put out a fire before it spreads. In order to be effective, the system must be installed and maintained properly.

Why Should Restaurants Use Wet Kitchen Systems?

To maximize the effectiveness of a wet kitchen system, businesses must ensure that all components of the system are in proper working order. This includes ensuring that the sprinklers are working and that the hoses and nozzles are clear and functional. Though it is possible to install and maintain a wet kitchen system without the help of a professional, an inspection performed by a certified fire suppression company can ensure that the system is set up correctly and is compliant with local and national fire codes. An inspection by an experienced fire suppression company can also ensure that all components of the system are properly maintained and working optimally. This not only improves the chances of the wet kitchen system suppressing a fire but can also save the business time and money over the long run by reducing potentially expensive breakdowns.

In addition, wet kitchen systems can help businesses meet and maintain safety regulations and prevent costly fines. By using a wet kitchen system and keeping it properly maintained, businesses can reduce the risk of fire and protect their employees, customers, and property. The wet kitchen system also allows businesses to provide a safe environment for their customers to enjoy meals with peace of mind.

The Features Of A Wet Kitchen

Fire suppression heads should be placed in locations that are most likely to be affected by a fire, such as near cooking equipment, overhead exhaust hoods, and other highly combustible areas. The fire suppression heads must be able to reach areas that are six feet or less from the floor and must be compatible with the local water system. Sprinkler systems should be installed in areas that do not have direct access to a fire suppression system. These sprinklers should also be located in areas that are likely to catch fire, such as near combustible materials. The fire pump should have sufficient pressure and volume to supply the fire suppression and sprinkler systems in the event of a fire.

To Wrap Up

When installing a wet kitchen system, it is important that all components are properly installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. All components should be checked regularly to ensure optimal performance and fire safety. Ensuring that the wet kitchen system is installed correctly and properly maintained is the best way to guarantee the safety of everyone in the building. Make sure you work with a reputable fire suppression inspection company in Berks County to ensure that your wet kitchen system is installed correctly and is up to code. Contact us today to learn more about installing your new wet kitchen system.


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