Wesley United Methodist Church

Apr 20, 2015 | Case Studies

A Case Study

Bethlehem, PA

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Wesley United Methodist Church in Bethlehem PA began in 1849 by appointment from the Philadelphia Conference. They first purchased property at Center and Wall Street and built a new church building that was dedicated on January 8, 1855. They again dedicated a new building in 1870. This building was renovated and had additions in the early and mid-1900s. By 1990 it was apparent that additions were no longer going to serve the needs and size of the growing church. Having purchased property at 2540 Center St in 1969 they decided that the time had come for a new campus. Construction on the $2.9 million facility began in April 1994. The dedication service of the new building was held on June 4, 1995; almost 150 years since the church had started.

The Challenge

In 2014 Wesley United Methodist Church decided to add a contemporary service to their worship. The existing sound system was not designed to handle six singers, three guitars, a drum set and a piano. They wanted their venue to be a place that would be suitable for concerts. And, they wanted to keep their traditional service which heavily relied on a large organ (with over 60 pipes). They needed a sound system that would accommodate a wide range of music and not just on Sundays.

What we liked was that Keystone Fire and Security was with us every step of the way with suggestions and ideas to help.

The Keystone Fire and Security Solution

Wesley United Methodist Church looked at proposals from five different companies.

In talking with Wayne Becker, Vice President, Business Development, at Keystone Fire and Security, David Siegfried of Wesley United Methodist Church explained the situation and what they were hoping to accomplish with a new sound system. Wesley United Methodist knew what they wanted, but trusted the solution to Keystone Fire and Security. Becker along with the team of technical experts at Keystone Fire and Security analyzed the needs and the space with which they had to work.

Wesley Methodist 2.jpgSpecial analytical tools were used. RT60 Reverb measurements and frequency spectrum analysis were made to see how sound waves acted throughout the space. After continued discussions and careful analysis, Keystone Fire and Security came back to Wesley United Methodist Church with a solution.

Keystone Fire and Security’s proposed solution included a Soundcraft Digital Mixing console that was installed at the rear of the auditorium, JBL Main Line Array loudspeakers suspended from the ceiling, JBL subwoofers, six personal monitor mixers and a wireless microphone system.
Siegfried says, “We chose Keystone Fire and Security because [they] are local and made us feel comfortable about matching solutions to our concerns at a reasonable cost for what we trust will be a quality system that can take us many years into the future.”

Once the contracts were signed the products were ordered and the installation began. Siegfried continues, “[Keystone Fire and Security] was personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. All were a factor in our decision to choose Keystone Fire and Security, and to take suggestions throughout the installation process. Overall, we are satisfied. Like with any large undertaking, some road blocks are expected. What we liked was that Keystone Fire and Security was with us every step of the way with suggestions and ideas to help.”

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