Top Ten Reasons to Use Video Surveillance For Your Business

Feb 17, 2021 | News

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Today, businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Area install video surveillance systems for many reasons. Operational considerations, budget, and security issues factor into this decision. As a local commercial security company, Keystone Fire and Security, offers fast, courteous service. We treat your business as if it were our own and offer custom security solutions because we understand one size does not fit all. You invested in your business, now invest in securing it. Here are the top ten reasons you should use video surveillance to protect your company. 

Ten Reasons For Security Camera Installation

While there are many reasons video surveillance systems are useful, we compiled what we feel are the ten key ways our customers benefit from security camera installation:

1. Observe customer traffic patterns inside your facility.

Notice how customers move through your retail location, office building, hospital hallways, or manufacturing facility. Monitoring the places people go in your business gives you insight into which areas are key locations. A retail store can use this information to place items more effectively to optimize sales and space. A hospital security team can ensure unauthorized individuals are not accessing sensitive areas. A manufacturing plant or warehouse manager can see and prevent safety hazards for visitors.

2. Resolve shoplifting complaints accurately and fairly.

A surveillance video may help clarify disputes in these cases very quickly. Use it to prevent misunderstandings and enhance community goodwill. In the event of an investigation, video evidence may be provided to the police or an insurance company.

3. Reduce internal theft concerns.

Employee theft does not occur at every business but can happen at any time, so business owners typically opt for measures that prevent the chance. These illicit activities sometimes involve elaborate schemes, such as stealing expensive office supplies or falsifying company data. Video surveillance helps managers deter and detect these costly losses.

4. Report medical emergencies more urgently.

Don’t allow a visitor to your facility to remain unnoticed during an emergency! Easily detect someone who sustains an injury, experiences a fall or near miss, or has another medical emergency in remote locations rapidly.

5. Locate unattended children.

Video surveillance cameras assist in identifying the location of children quickly within a large facility. Should a child become lost or wander off to an unsafe area, security teams will be able to easily find them on the monitor and return them to their guardian.

6. Test the effectiveness of point-of-sale displays more reliably.

Identify the most eye-catching point of sales displays. Determine how much time customers spend exploring these products.

7. Identify potential security threats as quickly as possible. Has a suspicious individual begun loitering outside your facility during or after business hours? Promote employee safety using video surveillance. Quickly identify these individuals with help from police or deter criminal activity altogether. 

8. Monitor productivity remotely, without appearing intrusive.

Cameras may reveal variable levels of employee productivity or an issue with an assembly line. Analyze footage to improve processes, product control, and quality assurance.

9. Discourage the misuse of company assets.

Discourage employees from playing games on the job, improperly using equipment like warehouse forklifts, or practicing unsafe habits like overstacking boxes in the stock room.

10. Encourage better compliance with public health and safety regulations.

Maintain full compliance with pandemic guidelines. Insulate your firm against COVID-19 litigation more effectively.

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