Tools to Equip Your Office for Video Conferencing

Nov 17, 2020 | News, Solutions

If you have to hold video conferences in your office, you need the right equipment. Doing so will help ensure you have excellent quality calls and avoid lag, buffering, or dropped connection. Let’s review some of the easy-to-install tools that can greatly improve your video conferences.

Ethernet Cord and Router

Every office should have a direct internet connection, especially if you need to hold video conferences. A direct connection, like an ethernet cord, will help avoid video and audio cutting out or dropping the call entirely as you talk with people. You want to maintain a solid connection, and that is not always guaranteed with office wi-fi. It is best to connect your computer directly to a router by using an ethernet cord.

External Webcam

Most laptops will include a built-in webcam, but that doesn’t mean you should use it for your video calls, especially if you are trying to broadcast a conference room full of people. Instead, you should get an external webcam you can connect to your computer and use. Make sure you find a high-quality webcam and position it in the room so others can easily see everyone clearly during a video conference.

A Microphone

Many computers have built-in microphones, but most of them are poor-quality ones that will make it difficult for others to understand you as they easily pick up extraneous noises like typing or the air conditioning turning on in the room. Purchasing an external microphone that you can put next to your computer or clip to your shirt (this microphone is called a lavalier) ensures greater quality sound; this is particularly helpful if you are giving a presentation in a video conference or professional webinar. High-quality sound improves credibility.

Noise Reduction

You should also get sound masking to use during your video conferences. Noise masking can reduce excess noise in the room, makes your voice sound clearer, and protects the privacy of the conference (the participants will hear only you and not other conversations happening nearby). Outside noises or excessive noise will be less of a distraction and everyone in the conference can remain focused. 

Conferencing System

If you’re going to purchase tools for your office, you need to make sure that you have a conferencing system. That way, you can provide your business and office spaces with a great communication system. You can improve your conferences and boost productivity amongst your staff. 


There are many audio and visual tools to choose from to improve your video conferencing experience. Of course, you want the best solution that provides the highest quality for the most reasonable price. Help from experts in AV Systems like Keystone Fire and Security allows you to find the right solution for your business. To learn more about conferencing tools and other services Keystone Fire and Security offers, such as business security system installation in Bethlehem PA or corporate security systems in Chester County PA click the links or explore our website!

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