The True Costs of Not Installing a Quality Security System at Your Business

Jun 12, 2020 | News, Solutions

Some business owners elect to install security systems only at the exterior doors of their buildings, like an access control system and security camera at the entrance. While these devices may be high quality, they are not fully serving you unless strategically placed throughout your entire facility and property.

As a top security company in Philadelphia, Keystone Fire and Security understands the common misconception that quality security systems are too expensive or unaffordable. In reality, the true cost comes with not installing security properly or at all.

Increased Chance of Theft

Without the proper security system, you risk the possibility of theft at your business. Two reliable choices for deterring or stopping theft are video surveillance and access control systems.

When you have security cameras visible, people will see that they are being monitored or recorded, which is proven to deter theft. If someone steals despite the cameras, then you have video evidence to turn over to police and your insurance company for investigation. For these reasons, it is important to have a video surveillance system that offers high definition footage and an easily accessible management system to review date and time stamps.

With access control, you can lock exterior and interior doors, allowing only those with preapproved credentials to enter via keycard, PIN, or fingerprint access. This affords your building security from break-ins as well as additional security in protecting rooms with valuable assets or sensitive information. When integrated with a video surveillance system, cameras can verify the individual who entered a wrong PIN was an employee who simply made a mistake rather than a stranger attempting to break in.

Can’t Counter Accusations

A quality security system keeps logs of important information you may need in an investigation. We briefly discussed above how this information can help police identify a suspect who allegedly stole from your store or how it can help your insurance company verify the claim you submitted after a break-in occurred. But there can be other problematic situations that security systems can help you avoid.

For example, grocery and big box stores see frequent lawsuits like customers slipping and falling in aisles. These lawsuits can be financially devastating for a business, especially if the incident was fabricated. Not to mention, these incidents can be a PR nightmare. With a video surveillance system, security cameras can record a staged slip and provide verification in court that your aisle did in fact have a “Caution: Slippery When Wet Sign” when the individual took a purposeful spill, claiming they did not know the floor was wet.

Issues with Employees

On the off chance you have a disgruntled employee, having a quality security system could help protect your business and other employees. Whether you are trying to protect cash assets in a back room, patient or employee records, or expensive equipment, opting for security camera installation in Montgomery County, PA or other surrounding areas will allow you to do so.

Just like with deterring thieves, you can prevent similar actions from an employee by using security cameras. Video surveillance systems also encourage productivity, thus saving money, time, and resources. People are less likely to slack on the job when their work is being monitored.

Should an employee lose their ID badge they use to enter the building or sensitive areas, you can deactivate their credentials before someone else attempts to use the access card. When someone tries to use this card, your access control system can alert you and activate your integrated security cameras to verify who is attempting to access the area.


A commercial security system provides a great return on investment in protecting your people, property, and high value or cash assets. By installing quality security systems, you provide your business the protection it needs from potential thieves and needless lawsuits. Plus, you can benefit from increased productivity. In this way, a security system quickly pays for itself.

Creating a custom security solution for your business is easy when you trust the experts at Keystone Fire and Security. Let’s get started securing what matters most to you.

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