The Importance of a Fire Alarm System

Aug 28, 2020 | Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is a group of unique engineered units that detect fire at the initial stages through smoke, heat, or other relevant warning signals. Detection devices are connected to central alarm panel that activates audible and visual devices, which alert building occupants and local fire departments to a fire outbreak.

Why Should You Install A Fire Detection and Alarm System in Your Business?

The importance of a fire detection and alarm system cannot be understated. The primary benefit is detecting potential fires early, thus improving reaction time (getting people out safe) and activating the fire sprinkler or suppression system to stop fires fast. Central station monitoring is also a valuable service to property owners to ensure alarm systems are continuously working properly.

Here are several benefits of a fire alarm system in Delaware County.

Prompt Fire Detection

The key reason why people install devices like smoke detectors is to sense a fire in its initial stages. A visual or audible signal alerts building occupants to immediately follow safe egress routes, illuminated by emergency lighting and exit signage. If necessary, you can utilize the available fire extinguishers along the way to assist in safe escape. Extinguishers should only be used to help you get out – never to stay and fight the fire.

Meanwhile, the alarm system, which is connected to the local fire department, notifies them immediate response is required. With early detection comes quick response, thus reducing potential damage or danger to life.

Prevent Smoke Inhalation

In most cases, fire-related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. A mixture of chemicals, particles, smoke, and gases can cause an array of complications from respiratory distress, skin irritation or even swelling to airway collapse. If not attended to on time, smoke inhalation can lead to suffocation and sometimes death. A fire alarm will enable occupants of a building to head for safety before they are exposed to smoke or other dangerous substances that can be found in commercial or industrial settings such as hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and ammonia, among others.

Reduce Property Damage

Detecting fires early allows your fire protection system to get to work fast, often putting out fires before the fire department arrives. Sometimes, however, a sprinkler system isn’t enough, so an early warning detection and alarm system helps firefighters arrive quickly and put out a fire before it causes significant damage.

If a property owner installs a fire suppression system, they can cut reinvestment and repair costs in case a fire occurs. With clean agent suppression, there is little to no cleanup. With a sprinkler system, there may be some water damage, but that is much more manageable and it is easier to repair affected rooms than fire and smoke damage.

Discount on Insurance Premiums

Installing a fire alarm system and fire suppression or sprinkler system shows that you are responsible and prepared. In case of fire, a great alarm system will activate your protection, thus helping reduce the amount of damage on your property and valuables. Instant notification to firefighters can help control the fire before it spreads, minimizing the amount of insurance claim.

Plus, in many places it is required by law to have these systems in place. Check with your local fire marshal or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure you’re meeting fire and building code requirements, and see if your insurance company will give you discounts for having the best fire protection technology on the market.


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