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May 2, 2019 | News, Solutions

Door cracked open
Door propped open
Door that was thought to have closed but did not

One of the most important ways a school district can ensure the security of students and staff is to keep unauthorized people from getting inside the buildings. Many school buildings have multiple exterior doors, and if those doors do not remain closed and secure it is an easy way for an unauthorized person to enter. The goal should be restricting entry points to a school facility—ideally, one main entrance that can be monitored by staff members and video surveillance—and taking steps to prevent exits from becoming unauthorized entry points.

Unless every exterior door in a facility is being monitored by an active and alerting security system, there is no way you can be sure that a door is ajar, propped open or has been open for an extended period.

Schools are learning that door status monitoring is an essential part of keeping students and staff safe and secure.

Keystone Fire and Security can help you assess your risk and develop a system that will proactively monitor the status of your perimeter doors and alert you when the status changes.

There are many options and ways of approaching monitoring of doors. Keystone Fire and Security can help you to leverage existing infrastructure and can also help you develop a plan that fits your security policies and budget.

Monitoring your doors is an excellent step towards securing your students, staff and facilities, however there may be a way to increase your security by leveraging and unifying your existing security solutions such as intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance.


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  • Monitor all perimeter doors, roll up doors, gates, etc.
  • Send immediate text messages to security or admin staff
  • Time and date stamp data for running reports and viewing video for propped door offenders

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