Solutions for Education: Fire Detection and Alarm

Oct 10, 2018 | News, Solutions

An important aspect of Fire Detection is the early detection and notification of a fire, as well as the specifics to the location of a fire within a building or campus. When First Responders arrive, they need to know the exact location of the alarm, so they do not spend precious seconds searching. This information also allows staff and students to know where they need to exit buildings and what areas they need to avoid.

Today’s Notifier technology of Fire Panels, First Vision Panels and ONYXWorks workstations can provide early warning notification and pinpoint trouble for first responders, staff and students. A building equipped with an ONYXWorks workstation or a First Vision panel from NOTIFIER can display site-specific graphics and its fire alarm components. This technology provides real-time notification and information of trouble, supervisory or fire alarm events. The graphics include a map, so the location of the alarm is clear to anyone regardless of their familiarity of the building or campus.

The Notifier fully integrated solution provides monitoring from one location, allowing staff to keep tabs on all components of each system, in each building regardless of proximity. For those who are on the move and not at a desk, the solution can send texts and emails to multiple recipients immediately notifying of any system event occurring in the district, greatly improving response times. The texts and email will inform staff and first responders of critical details so that they know how to approach a situation and direct students and staff for a safe evacuation.

The NOTIFIER ONXYWorks and NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panel solution provides

  • Early Detection
  • Exact Event Location
  • Integration Central Command Location
  • Graphic Representation of Events
  • Email and Text Alerts


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