Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Nov 4, 2022 | Security

Do you feel safe and secure at the office? If so, that feeling of trust may lead you to make mistakes that put the security at risk. Below are 5 of the most common security mistakes you need to avoid making.

1. Skipping The Safety Walkthrough

Before leaving your office, it is important that you secure vulnerable areas that are access points for potential intruders. Close the windows correctly, secure the locks and padlocks, and in the same way, ensure that in these areas, no valuable objects that attract attention can be seen.

What are the vulnerable areas of your business? Those are the ones you should include in your “security path.”

  • Windows
  • Locks
  • Open spaces
  • Padlocks

2. Keep an emergency key outside the office

Are you one of those people who needs to have “an extra key” hidden nearby, just in case? You are not the only one. There are many who also hide a copy of the main key somewhere in the front of the entrance. Unfortunately, many hide keys in very obvious spots that any thief would easily stumble upon.

The further away from the entrance you place the “emergency” key, the better. Choose unusual hiding places that do not attract attention. However, it is best to install video surveillance in Bethlehem, PA and instead of hiding keys, consider installing a keypad with a designated code. Our team can help you with that. 

3. Leave the office completely dark

When the office is empty, it looks like a dark desert – what’s wrong with that? Although parents taught children to “turn off the lights that are not being used,” it’s important to keep security lights on in your office when no one is there. These intelligent lights can be programmed to turn on for set periods of time, and thus avoid increasing your electricity bill.

4. Leave boxes on the sidewalk

You make a major purchase for the office: a new computer, a desk, or another valuable item, and absentmindedly carry the boxes to the curbside dumpster. This type of action is a silent announcement about the acquisition of new luxuries in your office, and can attract unwanted attention.

5. Installations of “insecure” security systems

Alarm systems are fantastic tools to protect your office, but it is important that they are installed professionally, since many lose their usefulness when they are not installed correctly or do not receive adequate maintenance.

Likewise, non-professional Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are often vulnerable to hacking, and can become a security and privacy risk. Why choose quality security systems in Bucks County, PA for your office? To prevent connectivity issues when there is interference with the Wi-Fi signal and to ensure clear image quality. 

Improve Your Office Security Today

Now that you are more aware, take action and start correcting these risky mistakes. Change your habits in favor of the security of your office, because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Contact Keystone Fire, the local security specialist to get your security system installed.


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