Running A Security Audit in your Commercial Space

May 9, 2024 | Security

While automated security systems are convenient and reliable, you’ll need to conduct periodic audits to make sure your system still meets the needs of your business. A security audit will highlight areas where you need to add cameras, alarms, and other security equipment. It also helps you identify equipment you have to replace.

At Keystone Fire and Security, we have the equipment and services to safeguard your retail, professional, or manufacturing building. In this post, we provide the information you need to complete a commercial security audit to determine if your building is as secure as you think.

What Should You Include in Your Security Audit?

When it comes to business security systems in Allentown, PA, one size does not fit all. A security audit allows you to take a closer look at the equipment you’ve installed to identify major gaps. Whether you use your property directly or lease it to other businesses, safety is the most important consideration. Prospective tenants will feel more at ease when you show them the results of your annual inspections, and you can use the information to further protect your property, inventory, guests, and associates.

Commercial security audits should include virtual and physical access controls. You’ll also want to consider how your system will impact vendors, suppliers, and other partners. Overall, the main areas to cover include the following:

  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Security response

Access Control

During the audit, examine every point of entry. Ask yourself who uses each location. This information allows you to limit access to essential personnel. In turn, this gives you greater control over sensitive areas, such as server rooms and areas where you store cash and valuable items.

Make a list of what access each person needs and set up your fobs, badges, and other devices accordingly. If you don’t have door readers, consider adding them as the first action item of your audit.

Surveillance Considerations

Make sure you know the local requirements for security camera footage, and consider adding a video management system (VMS) you can monitor at any time. When it comes to security cameras, install equipment indoors and outdoors for maximum coverage. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose affordable cameras and database management systems.

Response Strategies

Do you have a lockdown plan in case of emergencies? Customize your plan to include various emergencies, such as active shooter, fire, and weather events. Test alarms regularly so they’ll work when you need them. Adding a backup power system ensures that your security equipment continues to function even if the lights go out.

Consider bringing in our team of experts to locate potential vulnerabilities in your security system. We can also recommend upgrades that will better secure your building.

Benefits of Regular Security Audits

A commercial security audit points out weaknesses that intruders may exploit. Other benefits of conducting audits include the following:

  • Opportunity to correct weaknesses before thieves can exploit them.
  • Provides a baseline of your current risks that you can use to improve your security
  • Ensures that only essential staff and visitors have access to sensitive areas.

Contact a Professional Security Company!

Keystone Fire and Security provides reliable intrusion detection systems in Allentown, PA. With several decades of experience in commercial security systems, we can help you design an efficient audit process. Our services extend beyond the sales and installation stages. Contact us today to build an effective security system and look for ways to improve it over time.


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