Restaurant Fire Safety

Jan 10, 2019 | Fire Safety Tips

As a restaurant owner, it’s imperative to protect your business, property, and individuals from fires. Fires can ravage a business, causing permanent closure and lost revenue. Restaurants are at high risk from fire due to combustibles close to hot surfaces and open flames. Unattended cooking, overheating of oil or fat, and ignition of fatty residues in range hoods are the most common causes of restaurant fires. Other causes of restaurant fires include heating equipment, electrical and lighting, smoking, and arson. According to FEMA (as of 2011), 6% of nonresidential building fires are at restaurants. Kitchen fires are the number one cause of commercial fires in the United States. Every restaurant owner should have a sound restaurant fire safety plan in place that includes equipment, maintenance, and training. Keystone Fire Protection will help you implement a restaurant fire safety solution that is tailored to your needs. Let’s take a closer look at some equipment and maintenance that protects your business and people.


Fire Protection Equipment and Maintenance in Restaurant

  1. Install a commercial fire alarm.
  2. Set up a restaurant fire suppression system in the kitchen with regular inspections.
  3. Include a water sprinkler system as part of your defense.
  4. Have portable fire extinguishers easily accessible.
  5. Use flame-retardant materials (tablecloths, curtains, and napkins) in the kitchen and dining room.
  6. Include a suppression system inside the range hood to ensure that a fire is quickly extinguished.
  7. Always use non-combustible racks, trays, and containers when cooking.
  8. Keep several fire blankets on hand.
  9. Ensure all range hoods are vented to the exterior of the building.

Restaurant fire suppression systems (wet chemical systems) are designed to handle the specific suppression needs of kitchens and provide early detection – protecting your property. Installing an automatic fire suppression system controls fire and extinguishes it before the fire department arrives. The system automatically activates to save lives and preserve property, eliminating the fuel and electrical source of fire instantly.

For maximum restaurant fire safely, a combination Wet Chemical System with a water sprinkler system is also highly effective.

Installing specialized equipment and maintaining it is an important step in protecting your investment. However, ongoing education reduces the possibility of an accidental fire due to human error. It’s crucial to include staff training as part of your restaurant fire safety plan.

Fire Equipment and Maintenance

Staff Fire Training and Education on Fire Safety

  1. Proper cleaning of equipment, exhausts, hoods.
  2. Ensure the building is always up to “code”.
  3. Review exit and evacuation routes on a regular basis.
  4. Dispose of combustible waste products and grease properly.
  5. Schedule frequent inspection of appliances.
  6. Keep electrical appliances away from wet areas and check cords for fraying.
  7. Double-check all equipment and appliances before locking up for the night.
  8. Store flammable liquids in special containers.
  9. Conduct routine alarm checks.
  10. Eliminate smoking indoors and around cooking appliances.
  11. Have a fire safety procedure checklist.

Are you prepared in the event of a restaurant fire? Keystone Fire Protection has been protecting people and properties from fire damage for over 60 years. Keystone is your one-stop-shop for fire alarms, suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and more. Make sure you get the best advice on your restaurant fire suppression systems. We’ll customize it for you! We provide design, installations, tests, repairs, and ongoing inspections. Contact us via our website or call 888-641-0100 to get the help you with your restaurant fire safety plan.


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