New Facial Recognition Access Control

Jun 17, 2015 | News

Facial Recognition Access ControlLast week Keystone Fire and Security installed a new Facial Recognition Access Control HD IP camera. Now instead of needing to swipe a card, simply glancing up at the camera will allow employees to unlock the front door. For me this comes in handy, whether I’ve forgotten to take my phone/wallet when I’ve had to run out to close my windows because it’s suddenly a monsoon (and then it’s not) or when my arms are full and I can’t reach into my pocket for my card, the camera makes entry much easier.

The camera we installed is the Biocam 300 from ZKAccess. It features the following:

  • Hands free standalone biometric reader controller
  • HD IP camera with 1.3MP for networked video surveillance
  • Seven inch LCD for displaying real time information
  • Identify users from a distance of 12.5 feet
  • Storage capacity of 400 faces and 100,000 logs
  • Infrared light source enabling facial detection and matching in dimly lit environments
  • Facial recognition in less than 1 second
  • Visual and audio indication for acceptance and rejection of valid and invalid faces

The Biocam 300 converges IP video and access control. It can be integrated into your existing surveillance and access system, allowing interaction with Active Directory user and group permissions.

Facial Recognition Access Control Facial Recognition Access Control

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