What Does Keystone Fire Mean by “Life Safety Made Simple”?

Jul 8, 2016 | Company News

I had occasion to look at the websites of a few of my competitors recently. I’m certain they didn’t all use the same web design group, but I thought it was uncanny that every one of them tried to pepper their site with as much complex technical jargon as they could while portraying themselves as super-cutting-edge experts in the field of fire system design and maintenance.

I don’t know about you, but It has been my experience that most customers don’t know how their building life safety systems work, and they are not really sure what to do with when it goes off. The systems are getting so complicated – particularly today’s alarm and detection systems – that no one wants to touch them. Add to that, the layers of continuously changing fire codes and regulations, and I think you can see why the subject of building fire systems can be a pretty intimidating topic for many building owners and managers. So why on earth would anyone ever emphasize the “complexity” angle?

People don’t want complication in their lives – they want simplification! It is this very premise that is at the heart of our “Life Safety Made Simple” promise. It starts with us reminding you that your service is due – not the other way around. You have a business to run, so we understand the importance of being unobtrusive and working around your schedule. If that means ringing bells after hours so that we don’t disturb your employees, then that’s what we’ll do. When you ask “what time it is?”, you don’t want a lengthy treatise on how to build a watch. So when it comes to our inspection reports, we’ll tell you what we found in plain-speak, and what needs to be done to make your building compliant with codes and standards. We save the complicated stuff for those other guys.

At the end of the day, people just want to do business with companies that are easy to do business with. At Keystone Fire Protection Co., we get that. “Life Safety Made Simple” is a business philosophy that recognizes that you want us to sweat the details and to handle the hard stuff so that you have peace of mind that your complicated life safety system is one less complication in your life.

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