Is License Plate Recognition Effective?

Apr 13, 2023 | Security

Catching images or photographic videos on a license plate, and changing it to real-time digital information is license plate recognition. It is also known as LPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). It is a technology of operation for managing vehicles, like ticketless parking, detecting stolen vehicles, ITS, smart billing, and tolling. A trend used a lot in Europe and has started taking off in America. Keystone Fire & Security’s access control specialists in Montgomery County, PA use license plate recognition as a way of providing security to their clients. 

How License Plate Recognition Aids Security

The security of your office is imperative; however, it should go beyond the brick and mortar. With the technology of LPR, security is extended to improve the safety of employees even after they have left the building.

These security measures also aid in retrieving vehicles that have been stolen from office parking lots. In addition to numerous other methods of automated control of vehicle access. Several government buildings and businesses take advantage of Keystone Fire & Security’s advanced solutions for Automated License Plate Recognition. These include the following:

  • Commercial organizations
  • Agencies of Law Enforcement
  • Municipalities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parking Structure Authorities

Guarding the Community

The use of license plate recognition works at effectively recovering vehicles that have been stolen. Data collected by the ALPR systems may be shared with several regional or local municipalities. Keystone Fire & Security uses the high-speed action of Genetec, and its accuracy within the industry is a leader in permitting license plate capture.

ALPR has the technology to inform you who has entered the premises before they reach the front door. Vehicles coming on the site are tracked and identified by the automated ALPR system. A combination of access control and video surveillance allows the platform of security to expand beyond the facilities outside borders.

How LPR Cameras Can Boost Security

You can augment the security of your building with LPR surveillance cameras. These cameras aid in garage and parking lot management. They also work well at managing the access controls of a security gate. Logging in vehicles as they acquire entry or leave a parking facility. LPR security cameras have also been extremely helpful in the assistance of crime scene investigation.

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