Is It Time To Get Your Fire Alarm Replaced?

Sep 22, 2021 | Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Protection Services, Fire Protection System, Fire Safety Tips

It is critical to have a sufficient number of smoke alarms in your house. Fire research has shown that contemporary furnishings allow fires to spread more quickly than before. As a result, having a fire alarm inspection in Bucks County is critical to maximizing your escape time. NFPA 72-National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code have required that smoke detectors be installed inside every sleeping room and on every residence level.

How Fire-Detection Systems Work

The automatic fire-detection system, like any other asset, has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. It is no longer considered reliable after 15 years, and there may not be replacement parts available. Today’s fire-detection system is made up of an FACP (fire alarm control panel).

Today’s detectors include addressable switches built into the device that allows the sensor to inform the FACP about the fire’s position. The detection equipment detects smoke or combustion particles, then signals the FACP about a problem; the FACP then determines what action to take.

What Is the Fire Alarm Inspection Process?

Inspecting and testing the fire alarms necessitates the assistance of a crew of two experts from commercial fire protection in Delaware. The first expert is stationed at the fire alarm panel. While the second expert goes from floor to floor checking and adjusting smoke detectors, fire alarm pull stations, and fire alarm horns and strobes. When a smoke detector or fire alarm pull station is activated, the technician at the fire panel makes sure that the fire alarm panel is functioning.

Signs That It’s Time To Replace a Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector Is Turning Yellow: Smoke alarms will eventually become yellow due to years of exposure to dust in the air. Old smoke detectors turn yellow because the smoke alarm in your house is made of bromine, a flame retardant. It’s used to assist a smoke alarm in standing up to a fire so that it may perform its function and warn us of the presence of smoke.

It Chirps Almost All the Time: This is something you should not ignore. If you don’t take action soon, you’ll become desensitized to the chirping. It might cause you to disregard a malfunctioning smoke detector that’s going off for an actual reason.

It Doesn’t Respond When We Test It: It is easy to test a smoke alarm. Just press a “test” button on the smoke detector to ensure functioning. It should beep several times if the smoke alarm is working correctly. It will reassure you that everything is fine.

Fire alarm systems are only beneficial when they are in operation. An incorrect, failing, or outdated fire alarm system might lead to tragic results, so it’s critical to call for fire alarm repairs in Chester County to determine if our fire alarm system needs repair or replacement.

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