How You Can Deter Someone From Entering Your Building 

Jan 25, 2023 | Security & Video Surveillance

Stopping criminals and terminated employees is essential for the security of your business. Outdated businesses use cameras and security guards, but these aren’t as effective as modern methods. Modern businesses know that these methods are efficient for both time and money.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are taking the place of outdated, traditional keys that are used to enter a business. These systems require a key card or fingerprint to enter the building. It’s harder for someone to duplicate the key used for access, instantly providing more security. These control systems also record who enters the building and when making it unlikely that employees will try to break in after hours. Last, they can easily be controlled by most devices, such as phones. Once an employee is terminated, owners can quickly terminate their access to the building. On top of that, access control specialists in Bucks County, PA are just a phone call away if you need help!

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection systems are designed to let you know when someone is trying to enter the premises. The mere presence of a physical intrusion detection system can deter thieves. The intrusion detection system will spring into action if they still enter a restricted area. These systems can involve glass-breaking sensors, motion detection sensors, and more.

Keep the Parking Lot Well-Lit

While things like access control systems and intrusion detection systems are wonderful at deterring someone from entering a building, there are other things that businesses can do. Ensuring the parking lot is well-lit can help deter criminals from entering a building. They know they can’t hide under bright motion sensor lights and will be easier to identify thanks to the well-lit area. A brightly lit parking lot can also make employees feel safe if they work late.

Signs Regarding Security Systems

Having an intrusion detection system and cameras can help deter people from entering the building, but people must know they are there. Posting signs like “security cameras in use” or “glass-breaking sensors in use” will notify people that security systems are being used, making them less likely to commit crimes on your property. Ensure signs are posted in well-lit areas inside and outside the building for maximum deterrence.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

While most businesses have valuable equipment, such as monitors, that can’t all be locked away every night, and most businesses also have things like cash that aren’t traceable if stolen. Make sure to keep valuables like that out of sight. You don’t want someone walking by to look in your window and see them. Also, don’t mention the security procedures for them to employees. Sometimes, people are looking for an opportunity, and you want to ensure that you don’t give them one. Instead, guard your valuables to remove temptation.

In Conclusion

Keeping your business safe and secure is essential to ensuring that your business always survives and thrives. We offer a variety of security solutions. Check out our website to learn more about intrusion detection systems in Bucks County, PA today!


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