how to identify the right fire system for my business

May 4, 2020 | Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Safety Tips, Fire Suppression Systems, Sprinkler Systems

Finding the Right Fire Detection System for Your Business

Having working fire safety equipment and fire suppression systems in Delaware County or surrounding areas are vital for every business. These systems can save lives and property. But it isn’t always immediately clear what type of fire protection system would be the best solution to protect your business. At Marco Protection Systems, LLC, we offer a variety of fire detection and suppression equipment to keep you and your assets safe. Here are a few considerations for determining which fire safety system is right for your business.


If you run a school, you know that fire detection is vital. Most fires tend to take place in areas where cooking happens; that could be in the cafeteria or in a home economics class. Having the right placement and number of early warning fire detection devices in these areas will help sense fire in its incipient stages, triggering the alarm system that alerts building occupants and allows for quick evacuation.  Getting students, teachers, and visitors out of the building as quickly as possible – even for the smallest of fires – is key.

Adequate fire protection throughout the building is just as important because, realistically, a fire can happen anywhere.  Smoke detectors in science classrooms where students operate Bunsen burners, fire suppression systems in computer labs where electrical equipment can short circuit, fire extinguishers and emergency exit signs in the hallways to assist in safe evacuation, and fire sprinklers throughout the building all work together to provide the safest environment possible for students and teachers.

As your trusted fire protection company, Marco can help you choose the right type of protection for each room, making the most of your budget.


You can also benefit from having fire detection devices in your office building. Smoke and heat detectors are vital in activating your alarm system, informing your employees when they need to leave the building. In a building full of computers and wiring, overloaded outlets and electrical fires can easily happen, and they can spread quickly.

Where are the best places for fire detection equipment in your building?  Rule of thumb says anywhere a large population of electronics is present, whether that is above cubicles with computers or in a data storage closet. You can also benefit from having detection systems in the break room where people may accidentally burn something in the microwave.

Like any space you are trying to protect, your detection systems are most helpful when working in concert with other fire protection equipment.  Along with detection systems, you can benefit from a fire sprinkler system (wet or dry depending on your building type), fire extinguishers, and emergency exit signage.


Fire safety systems are critical for restaurants. Kitchens can see open flames rapidly become destructive fires in a matter of seconds. As a restaurant owner or manager, you know very well how quickly grease and oil can catch fire and spread.

Your best defense against commercial cooking fires is a robust fire detection and fire suppression system in your kitchen.  Fire sprinklers in the dining room are just as valuable should the fire originate in this area, for instance, if a lit candle is knocked off a table.

Tying these fire protection systems into a fire alarm system that will notify your guests to evacuate and alert the fire department immediately will help expedite the response that could save your restaurant from destruction.

Finally, you should have clear emergency exit signage and an illuminated path for your guests’ safe egress.

Trust in Our Fire Safety Systems

Keeping yourself, your employees, and your customers safe is critical when running a business. The best way to implement fire safety is to have working detection and suppression systems that meet code requirements and are regularly maintained by a trusted fire protection company. Contact Marco Protection Systems, LLC today to find the right suppression and detection systems for your business.


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