How Does Wireless Detection Help Prevent Fires

Mar 25, 2021 | Fire Protection System

While fires may not be getting any smarter, the methods for how to prevent them are. Wireless detectors can improve your building’s safety during a fire and even inform you about other hazards in your business. Plus, they’re sleek and can be installed without disrupting the integrity of the building – a bonus for historical properties.

What are Wireless Detection Fire Alarms?

There are several different technologies for fire protection in Philadelphia. One of the most innovative on the market right now is wireless detection. This builds on the archaic use of wired systems that can become damaged during a fire. Because they require a physical network in the building, wired fire alarms always stand at risk (although minimal with proper inspection and regular maintenance) of being unable to alert individuals to the presence of a fire.

Wireless detection doesn’t. Like a wired system, it’s connected to a fire alarm control panel or FACP, just wirelessly. This panel is also connected to the building’s electrical system. Many panels can also be attached to batteries or other backup power systems if the electricity fails.

How Does a Wireless Detection System Prevent Fires?

These detectors work by using radiofrequency. Depending on the specific detector, they may be able to use thermistors to sense heat. They may use biochemical or opto-chemical cells to detect carbon monoxide. They may even use photoelectricity to sense smoke.

Whichever detection method they use, they do it more efficiently and with fewer false alarms than other detection systems.

The detector can also be attached to a smart network. This network can inform those within the building of paths they should take to reach safety. This is vital for firefighters who can coordinate with those individuals inside of the building to reach the best location for rescue. It can also help first responders identify exactly where the fire is in a building, as each device has a unique identifier.

It can also tell occupants in the building about other hazards. Perhaps there’s a bomb threat. Maybe there’s hazardous weather outside. A wireless detector can do so much more than merely set off alarms in the presence of a fire.

When Should You Have Your Wireless Detection System Installed?

The faster you can have your detection system installed the better. You never know when a fire might break out. Those who work in the industrial sector should especially make their switch to a wireless system a quick one.

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Questions about wireless fire detection? Learn more here or watch this case study about our successful installation of a robust wireless solution at the historic Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge, PA.


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