How Can Fire Safety Training Save Lives

Dec 1, 2020 | Fire Safety Tips

Every year, fires are responsible for thousands of lost lives. Commercial fires can happen anywhere, and building employees need to know exactly how to respond to not only protect themselves but others around them. Our fire safety services in NJ help prepare businesses and their employees for emergency fire response that respects their unique risks and industries.

What Is Fire Safety Training?

When a fire breaks out, you only have seconds to react. Without training, people are likely to panic and possibly even endanger lives in a desperate attempt to escape or even extinguish the flames on their own. Good intentions don’t save lives; proper training does. While having a good fire detection system is crucial, education is the most important factor in protecting everyone’s well being.

Fire training safety covers different techniques such as how to use an extinguisher, system maintenance and compliance regulations, different types of fire extinguishers and the classes of fires and how to react to each one.

Real-World Training for Any Situation

Our fire protection services in NJ utilize the expertise of local fire authorities to ensure that classroom and hands-on training are up-to-date. We construct programs that incorporate the latest fire protection technology and regulations to give every person the best possible takeaway from their training.

In addition to classroom instruction that helps staff learn about the five classes of fire and the “fire triangle,” we also give hands-on demonstrations and opportunities to put their skills to practice. Whether you operate a warehouse or restaurant, our training is versatile and universal; participants will be able to gain confidence in responding to emergency situations while protecting themselves and those around them.

A Lifelong Investment

While policies and regulations change, fire safety is something that people carry with them forever. Annual training can familiarize staff with advancements in technology, upgrades to your business’s safety system, sprinklers and more, but their initial education will provide timeless knowledge and awareness.

Fire safety training does more than teach someone how to react in the event of a fire; it also gives them a sense of security that stops them from panicking and possibly subjecting themselves to life-threatening responses. They can also pass along information they learn to others, leading to an overall safer work environment that benefits everyone.
At Keystone, we believe that knowledge is the heart of safety and stability. Our professional fire training programs and safety systems are designed with people in mind. Fire safety is not something that has to be left to professionals; through our experienced trainers, we want to pass on life-saving knowledge to everyone and provide the invaluable gift of education to as many people as possible. Schedule fire safety training at your business today!


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